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2010-01-27 11:43:56 UTC
LE LENDEMAIN is the new project between Danny Norbury and David Wengrenn. Following on from their early collaboration under David’s Library Tapes moniker (Sketches), we find the pair delivers a more personal album of hazy dialogues. There are real moments on this record where you feel that you are let into the private lives of it composers; tracks such as ‘Lois’, where they are telling the tale of a friend. Other times the mystical finds it way to the mix as with ‘Petrichor’, where the organic lays on a bed of electronic sounds that have managed to find there way on to tape by some ESP. The depth of sound throughout this album make you constantly reassess what you are hearing as your focus is shifting to the fore and background. Writing about such music is always difficult, as words can never really penetrate the emotion of sounds. The music from this album is a journey of two instruments and the outside world, what it adds up to is a Soundtrack to the moments of unconsciousness, of times when one is dreaming, or the beautiful in between state. Conversations where you understand completely yet are unaware of the tongue. This delicate music, that is so skillfully weaved together of the most fragile fibers that one false move would result in the whole thing falling apart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( There's a couple of tracks on their MySpace ~ Last.fm that you can listen but I' ll strongly recommend to fire-up from here and GET IT. Well by all means visit the necessary pages and leave a shout though. All I'm saying is... don't skip this one. See Recommendations ). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Artist - Le Lendemain Album - Fires Release Date - 2010 Genre - Minimal, Ambient, Piano, Post-rock Tracklist 01. Fiore 02. Petrichor 03. Linden 04. Att Andas 05. Narbonne 06. Lois 07. Paus 08. Le Fleuve 09. Even With Eyes Closed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Le Lendemain - Fires Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: Library Tapes ~ Ólafur Arnalds ~ Bosques De Mi Mente ~ Matthew Robert Cooper ~ Jóhann Jóhannsson ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MANY THANKS Touristas... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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