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Jonn Serrie – Thousand Star

Born and raised in Connecticut, Serrie began his musical direction in the 70’s, demonstrating synthesizer technology for Electronic Music Laboratories, a Connecticut based manufacturing and research facility.

I was fortunate to have such an in-depth understanding of synthesis early in the development of electronic music. It enabled me to see the future of the industry from a unique perspective.

Serrie’s list of achievements and contributions is both diverse and esteemed. He was commissioned to compose the music for the world’s first interactive domed theatre production with George Lucas and the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.

His music has been heard in literally hundreds of theatres worldwide including London, Munich, Sweden, Japan, China, Canada, South America and Australia.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( Have a beer and I PROMISE… ” Thousand Star ” will put you to sleep. This is more of a ” HAVE A NICE DREAM ” type of listen.

Not the boring type though. Soundscaping ALL THE WAY. I don’t know about their other releases… but ” Thousand Star ” is way to go. [ MySpace ] | [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Artist – Jonn Serrie
Album – Thousand Star
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Instrumental, Ambient, Soundscape

01.Thousand Star (8:16)
02.Flow Of Time’s Arrow (7:22)
03.Belle E’Poque 3012 (8:16)
04.The Visionary (9:05)
05.Course Projection On Tactical (7:08)
06.Enroute To Delta Pavonis (12:20)
07.Nostalgia For Infinity (13:02)
Rapidshare Jonn Serrie – Thousand Star OR FileFactory Jonn Serrie – Thousand Star
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Andrej… This is SPLENDID pal. THANKS.

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