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Apparart Organ Quartet – Apparat Organ Quartet

Apparat Organ Quartet is a 5 piece band: 4 organists and 1 drummer. They sometimes describe their music as “Machine Rock and Roll” but the standard definition of their sound is “Organ Quartet Music”, a completely new genre.

They have been compared to such different acts as Kraftwerk, Wagner, Goblin, Terry Reilly, Steve Reich, Sigur Rós, the Glitter Band, Stereolab and Trans Am.

Their sound has been described as quite unique and their concerts frequently inspire high praise: “Apparat Organ Quartet has grown into a phenomenal force, playing soul-stirringly portentous mechanical music, equal parts progressive rock and horror film soundtrack, reminiscent of older acts like Kraftwerk and Goblin… as innovative and meticulous as Sigur Rós but who sound nothing like it.” Neil Strauss The New York Times

Apparat Organ Quartet released their second single on June 9th 2003 in the UK. “Romantika”, on the Duophonic label, is a song taken from their eponymous debut album. They have also released tracks on compilation albums from Kitchen Motors, a pioneering label/art-organisation in Iceland, and a limited edition 7 inch of the single “Stereo Rock and Roll”’ on the 13amp label in the UK.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( I don’t know how you guys would react to this but in my perfect understanding… there nothing wrong with this type of electro [ MySpace ] | [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Artist – Apparat Organ Quartet
Album – Apparat Organ Quartet
Release Date – 2002
Genre – Indie, Experimental, Electronica

1 Romantika 4:42
2 Stereo Rock & Roll 4:17
3 The Anguish of Space-Time 6:10
4 Cruise Control 3:38
5 Ondula Nova 5:25
6 Global Capital 5:21
7 Seremonia 5:00
8 Charlie Tango 7:23
9 Sofðu Litla Vél 5:28
Apparat Organ Quartet – Apparat Organ Quartet
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GOOD ONE RobNic… Thanks 4 all the Icelandic music’s pal.

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