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School Of Seven Bells

Brooklyn, New York, United States (2007 – present)

School of Seven Bells (often just SVIIB) is a dream pop/shoegazing band which formed in 2007 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The band consists of identical twin sisters Alejandra Deheza (vocals, bass), Claudia Deheza (vocals, keyboards) and Benjamin Curtis (guitar).

The Deheza sisters are former members of On!Air!Library! and Curtis is a former member of Secret Machines and Tripping Daisy. The band is named after the School of the Seven Bells, a mythical South American pickpocket training academy.

Curtis and the Deheza sisters met when both were opening on an Interpol tour. The three decided to end their commitments to their old bands, move in to a shared space, and create a home recording studio together.

Their sound has been described as dreamy and ethereal, and the lyrics as abstract. Singer, Deheza, insists that the lyrics are not. However, that she is a lucid dreamer is fitting of the lofty-sounds they create.

The band has an unorthodox song writing process that begins with lyrics, which are only supplemented by the music. Curtis has said this is the most important part of the band with “everything else accompaniment.” A before-and-after example of this process is hosted by NPR’s program Day to Day (see 3:50s).

In concert, Curtis, who stays mostly on lead guitar can often be seen manipulating various electronic devices in between guitar segments.

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Artist – School Of Seven Bells
Album – Disconnect From Desire
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Indie, Shoegaze, Lo-fi, Dream-wave like [ JOLLY GOOD ]

01 Windstorm
02 Heart Is Strange
03 Dust Devil
04 I L U
05 Babelonia
06 Joviann
07 Cammarilla
08 Dial
09 Bye Bye Bye
10 The Wait
School Of Seven Bells – Disconnect From Desire

Artist – School Of Seven Bells
Album – Windstrom
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Indie, Shoegaze, Lo-fi, Dream-wave like [ JOLLY GOOD ]

1 Windstorm
2 Crescent Gold
3 Windstorm (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix)
School Of Seven Bells – Windstrom

Artist – School Of Seven Bells
Album – Alpinisms
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Shoegaze, Dream-wave like, Darkwave, Etheral [ JOLLY GOOD ]

1 Iamundernodisguise 3:47
2 Face to Face on High Places 4:40
3 Half Asleep 4:20
4 Wired for Light 4:57
5 For Kalaja Mari 4:17
6 White Elephant Coat 4:17
7 Connjur 4:40
8 Sempiternal/Amaranth 11:26
9 Chain 4:22
10 Prince of Peace 3:05
11 My Cabal 5:09
School Of Seven Bells – Alpinisms Password –
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