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2010-02-11 23:20:41 UTC
Nest is the collaborative project of Otto Totland (Deaf Center / Type Records) and Huw Roberts (Serein). The two started working together after forging a strong friendship as former members of the Miasmah label. Both pianists, there is little wonder that after exploring a plethora of musical styles, the two find themselves most at home writing traditionally structured pieces, with the ivories a major element throughout. Their music demonstrates clearly the innate ability the two have for song writing, borrowing from the world of film soundtracks and contemporary classical composers to craft delicate instrumental compositions. Alongside their favoured instrument can be variously heard the plucked strings of the Welsh harp, violins, woodwind instruments, field recordings, percussion and a heady dose of mind wobbling effects. From the time Nest began writing together, one purpose was clear; to produce beautiful music free of pretense, and they do it exceptionally well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( Be ready for this. [ Last.fm ] There is no end to good musics ). ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Artist - Nest Album - Retold [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Ambient, Minimal, Folk, Piano, Dark-minimal, Neofolk, Mesmerizing sound [ AT ITS BEST ] Tracklist 1 Lodge 2 Kyoto 3 Marefjellet 4 Charlotte 5 Cad Goddeu Revised 6 Trans Siberian 7 Wheatstone 8 The Helwick 9 Far From Land 10 The Twelve 11 Amroth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nest - Retold Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: Agalloch | The Caretaker | Pastaklubben | Celer | Deaf Center ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXCELLENT Hotblack... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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