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2010-02-25 20:52:10 UTC
Sussex [ 1999 – present ] Air Formation hail from Sussex in the south of England. They are Matt Bartram (vocals, guitar), Ben Pierce (bass), Richard Parks (keyboards), James Harrison (drums) & Ian Sheridan (Guitar). The band has been creating uplifting song based space-rock since late 1999. Born out of a love for " Flying Saucer Attack " and the likes of " Spacemen 3 " & " The Jesus and Mary Chain " Air Formation create songs awash with heavily delayed guitar and feedback, interwoven with keyboard drones and whispered vocals. Over the past 7 years the band has released two albums " Ends in Light " [ Drive-In Records 2002 ] & " Stay Inside / Feel Everything " [ Clairecords 2004 ] alongside numerous other releases. The turning point for the band came in 2005 when they recorded the beautiful ‘57 Octaves Below’ EP with legendary producer Pat Collier (The House of Love). As well as being their first recording with an expanded line up it was also their first release on UK label " Club AC30 " and was extremely well received…… " 57 Octaves Below " is simply astonishing, as each track could hold its own as a formal " A side " among any peers both past and present. Remarkable. 9/10 Drowned In Sound. In the summer of 2006 the band returned to Pat Collier and recorded the new album " Daylight Storms ". This album was released by Club AC30 in February 2007. In November 2008 they released a new 7 " Things that don’t exist / Fires " on Distant Noise Records. ~~~~~~~~~~ ( Think we all know what we looking at... " Fleeting Joy " ~ " Secret Shine " ~ " Slowdive " and the likes fans. I doubt those links will be up here for long. By all means... The latest " Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose) " is divine. [ MySpace ] | [ Last.fm ] ). ~~~~~~~~~~ Artist - Air Formation Album - Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose) [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Shoegaze, Space-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1. Three Years Pass 2. Stars And Knives 3. Low December Sun 4. Alone At Last 5. Don't Wait 'Til Dawn 6. Meltdown 7. Until Today 8. Like I Hold You 9. Cut Through The Night 10. Outro 11. Distant Silhouettes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Air Formation - Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - Air Formation Album - Ends in Light Release Date - 2002 Genre - Shoegaze, Space-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1 Take It Easy 4:29 2 Slow You Down 3:03 3 Other Ways Round 3:58 4 In Formation 5:29 5 Still 5:26 6 Brightest Star at Night 5:30 7 Long Way Out to Me 4:15 8 Clearer Closer 4:35 9 Ends in Light 2:21 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Air Formation - Ends in Light DL LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - Air Formation Album - Stay Inside, Feel Everything Release Date - 2004 Genre - Shoegaze, Space-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1 Turns Into Sky 2 Fallen Leaves 3 Seethrustars 4 Why I Lost You 5 Full Flight 6 Stay Inside, Feel Everything 7 Caught Upon the Waves 8 Here Comes the Rain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Air Formation - Stay Inside, Feel Everything DL LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - Air Formation Album - Daylight Storms Release Date - 2007 Genre - Shoegaze, Space-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1 Cold Morning 5:20 2 Tidal 4:17 3 Daylight Storms 4:54 4 I Can't Remember Waking Up 3:56 5 Into Water 4:34 6 Formation 1 4:41 7 You Have to Go Somewhere 6:31 8 Adrift 3:20 9 The Dark Has Fallen 5:45 10 Before We Forget 7:34 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Air Formation - Daylight Storms DL LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - Air Formation Album - Air Formation EP Release Date - 2000 Genre - Shoegaze, Space-rock, Experimental Tracklist 1 All Is Fine 4:35 2 Lunar 4:09 3 It Falls Away 3:53 4 Technicolour Skies 3:42 5 Seashine 3:07 6 Centre of Gravity 3:19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Air Formation - Air Formation EP DL LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: S P S | Mooncake | Elf Fatima | Rows Of Lights | Secret Shine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MANY THANKS FOR THE LATEST PANE.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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