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* * * * * Trifonic * * * * *

Trifonic is brothers Brian and Laurence Trifon, a San Francisco based electronic act that seamlessly fuses experimental production wizardry with beautiful melodies and traditional song structures to craft music that is simultaneously unexpected and accessible.

On their 2008 debut album Emergence, Trifonic combines elements of downtempo electronica, IDM, post-rock and classical music to create a deep, lush musical experience distinctly their own.

Despite growing up under the same roof in Berkeley, California, Brian and Laurence launched their musical careers from opposite ends of the spectrum. Brian took up guitar at the age of 10 with only one intention: Shredding. “I had big dreams for becoming the next Steve Vai guitar hero,” he recalls.

Meanwhile, his older brother was living and breathing hip-hop. “I wrote my first rap song when I was in 5th grade,” Laurence remembers. “It was about me not wanting to go to school on a Monday morning.”

Although Brian’s heavy-metal dreams did not pan out, he did master the guitar sufficiently to enroll in USC’s prestigious Studio Guitar program. It was during this time that he began to explore electronic music and production. Upon graduating in 2004, Brian went to work as a guitarist and programmer for famed electronica artist BT.

Laurence, meanwhile, continued to write and perform as an emcee in several hip-hop groups throughout his school years. As a student at Stanford University, he also began to gravitate towards electronic music.

~~~~~~~~~~ ( Not exactly the same but think ” Massive Attack ” ~ ” Under Byen ” and the likes. KILLER BASS ALL THE WAY. GET BOTH ” Emergence a” and well as ” Remergence ” Totally wothy… [ MySpace ] | [ ] ).~~~~~~~~~~

Artist – Trifonic
Album – Remergence
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Down-tempo, Glitch, Electronica [ EXCELLENT Down-tempo listen ~ KILLER BASS ]

1 Broken (Specter Mix)
2 Infiltration (Creeper Mix)
3 Transgenic (Rust Mix)
4 Sooner Or Later (Rubble Mix)
5 Lies (Sweetest Sin Mix)
Trifonic – Remergence Password –

Artist – Trifonic
Album – Emergence
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Down-tempo, Glitch, Electronica [ EXCELLENT Down-tempo listen ~ KILLER BASS ]

1. Emergence
2. Broken
3. Parks On Fire
4. Infiltration
5. Lies
6. Transgenic
7. Sooner Or Later
8. Vacuum Tree
9. Terminal A
10. Terminal B
11. Good Enough
Trifonic – Emergence Password –
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SUPER ” Daan… ”

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