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2010-04-16 12:31:22 UTC
The Kays Lavelle are Scottish boys Euan McMeeken [ vox ~ keys ] Graeme Anderson [ guitar ~ banjo ~ vox ] Russell Kostulin [ violin ~ viola ~ vox ] Chris Alderson [ guitar ] Michael Lambert [ bass ] and Chris Lee-Marr [ percussion ~ vox ] The band began in 2004 and original members Euan and Graeme have expanded The Kays Lavelle into a dynamic group of musicians. Their debut album ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’ is released digitally May 7th and physical release will be May 17th. The Album has been recorded by Neil Pennycook of Meursault and produced by Alex Fenton of Fentek Audio. It certainly promises The Kays Lavelle a spotlight this year. ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’ also boasts a very special guest appearance on ‘Scars From The City’ from Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William, whom also leant her exquisite vocals to ‘Hold Tight’ by The Chemical Brothers. The Kays Lavelle have supported highly acclaimed artists such as the aforementioned Trespassers William as well as Wild Beasts, Vessels, Broken Records, iLiKETRAiNS, Joseph Arthur and Glissando they are now ready to emerge as a significant act in 2010. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( MY GOD. JUST GET IT. AWESOME Cinematique feel with breathless violin and odd but very very nice vocals. The above review says it all " Trespassers William " ~ " Vessels " ~ " iLIKETRAINS " and the likes fans... by all means. This is SINGING GOOD and you will start singing along too. [ MySpace ] | [ Last.fm ] In search for " The Hours " and " I Can't Believe You're Here" ). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Artist - The Kays Lavelle Album - Be Still This Gentle Morning [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Experimental, Indie, Post-rock Influence, Alternative [ BRILLIANT ] Tracklist 01.The Hours 02. First Light 03. Thinking Of Strangers 04. Swanfields 05. The Life And Death Of A Moment 06. Fires 07. 8am 08. Scars From The City 09. Ten Times 10. Cameras 11. Aftermath 12. Portobello Sands ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Kays Lavelle - Be Still This Gentle Morning Download link removed. Album will be available from May 2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendations: Actors&Actresses | (((S))) | All My Faith Lost | Trespassers William | Carta ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Kays Lavelle... GOOD STUFF ALL THE WAY. THANK YOU. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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