Sunday Munich

2010-05-14 15:04:01 UTC
Sunday Munich is a band formed by Sarah Matthews (vocals and lyrics) and Avis/Menton J. Matthews III [ cello, piano, guitar, loops, programming ]. Their music is an amalgamation of many different kinds of music. It is ethereal but not so gossamer that it floats away. It is grounded and raw with pain and emotion. Scratchy old record loops, heart-wrenching vocals, and creeping fear are all part of Sunday Munich’s music. Sarah sings while Avis constructs an alternately hypnotic and chaotic musical setting around her, starting with cello and keyboard, jumping from gentle guitar to powerful dub beats, from throbbing bass to buzzing static, heavy on the electronics, but also on human emotion. Their first album, Pneuma, merges gothic female vocals, sometimes reminiscent of Cranes, and at other times deeper and more articulated, with Portishead instrumentation, like the heavenly grooves samplers. Their second release, Vinculum, is a lighter one. Drum loops and sampling meet ethereal vocals, a mixture between trip hop and Cocteau Twins. Vinculum is a hypnotic collage of pulses, beats, and haunting female depressive voices. ~~~~~~~~~ ( Most of us would have heard the one track they got on [ Broken Nightlights ] This is basically where " Menton J. Matthews " from " Saltillo " plays and you bet the influences are the same. Start with " Vinculum " but GET BOTH. [ MySpace ] | [ ] | [ Related Post ] ). ~~~~~~~~~ Artist - Sunday Munich Album - Vinculum [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2000 Genre - Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Etheral, Female Vocalist [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 01 Dent 3:06 02 Going Back 4:12 03 Bed 4:05 04 Think 3:59 05 Phone 5:45 06 Feeling Here 4:46 07 Her Name 5:28 08 Aparent 3:30 09 Kept 3:52 10 Cell 3:36 11 Scathed 3:51 12 Flu 5:14 13 Expose 5:12 14 Eleven Toes 5:32 15 Charisma 4:34 16 Wish You Were Here 3:49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday Munich - Vinculum -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Sunday Munich Album - Pneuma Release Date - 1998 Genre - Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Etheral, Female Vocalist [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 01 Prozac 3:20 02 Smallest Tragedy 5:29 03 Home 3:48 04 Refrain 3:47 05 Pittance 4:05 06 Tiny 5:26 07 Womanhood 1:54 08 In the Same Way 5:17 09 Elaborate Schemes 4:00 10 Ugly 4:56 11 Suppose 2:49 12 Two Missing 4:03 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday Munich - Pneuma -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Mira | Mi and L'au | Bang Gang | Figurant(In Yesterday’s Play) | AU4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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