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2010-05-18 19:22:48 UTC
Olan Mill is Alex Smalley and Svitlana Samoylenko and ‘Pine’ marks the first release for the two as collaborators. The album comprises ten instrumental pieces and between Smalley and Samoylenko we are treated to the sound of the piano, violin, pipe organ and guitar. Other sound sources may reveal themselves to the astute listener, but for the most part, ‘Pine’ is concerned with big, stirring sound palettes which belie the duo’s modest array of instruments. " Pine " was recorded over several sessions on location inside a small church which lends a very human, almost tangible sound to the album. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Olan Mill are not obsessed with the notion of minimalism, neither is there any sense of the pieces having been planned or preconceived. As a result, the listening experience can be said to be natural in the truest sense of the word. This first offering by Olan Mill is an unashamedly emotional and romantic body of work which, thanks to a certain restraint on the part of its creators, never becomes too self-conscious or introverted. This may be due in part to the short duration of many of the compositions, Olan Mill open windows into their world, but we’re never allowed to look too closely or for too long. [ Last.fm ] Artist - Olan Mill Album - Pine [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Ambient, Post-rock, Piano, Minimal, Soundscape [ Divine Listen ] Tracklist 01 - Olan Mill - Pine - Spare Smoke Template 02 - Olan Mill - Pine - Country 03 - Olan Mill - Pine - Disempowered 04 - Olan Mill - Pine - A Heavy Leg Cycle 05 - Olan Mill - Pine - Pine 06 - Olan Mill - Pine - Postponed Mindfulness 07 - Olan Mill - Pine - An Obedient Ear 08 - Olan Mill - Pine - The Prescribed Individual 09 - Olan Mill - Pine - Cotton Access 10 - Olan Mill - Pine - Flume -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plan Mills - Pine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Nest | Nest | The Caretaker | Deaf Center | Pastaklubben --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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