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2010-05-23 10:24:54 UTC
Yasushi Yoshida [ 吉田靖 ] was born in November 1978 in Osaka, Japan. He writes, produces and performs music focusing on piano and guitar arrangements. Yoshida began making his name as a composer, contributing to multi-award winning dance companies, BABY-Q’s solo dance performances and various plays and films in Japan. Not content with working solely within the music scene, Yasushi Yoshida has also contributed material to areas as diverse as theatre and visual arts. Collaborations include Yoko Higashino’s solo dance performance and Oi-SCALE theatre company’s “Michigaere Sekai”. Although this is his official debut release, he has performed with many established local as well as international artists such as Nagisa nite, Ramo Nakajima, kicell, piana, RF and Pan American. ~~~~~~~~~ ( Both titles is a must. See Recommendations as well. [ MySpace ] | [ Last.fm ] ). ~~~~~~~~~ Artist - Yasushi Yoshida Album - Secret Figure Release Date - 2006 Genre - Instrumental, Contemporary-classic, Piano, Violin, Multi-instrumental, Post-rock [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 1 Silent Park 6:18 2 Parade for Closure 2:29 3 Parada 4:15 4 Chair Father 3:16 5 Octave of Leaves 1:40 6 Dance Piece 5:39 7 Remembrance in Glass 5:44 8 Picture of Three Life 7:22 9 Family 5:58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yasushi Yoshida - Secret Figure -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Yasushi Yoshida Album - Little Grace Release Date - 2008 Genre - Instrumental, Contemporary-classic, Piano, Violin, Multi-instrumental, Post-rock [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 1 Permanent Yesterday 4:39 2 Greyed 5:00 3 Little Hand 1:11 4 Thread Still 10:09 5 Lasted in Different View 1:35 6 Three Winters Our Trace 7:38 7 Under Calf, Winged Steps 4:25 8 Lullaby for Rainsongs 6:03 9 Untitled 6:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yasushi Yoshida - Little Grace -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: World's End Girlfriend | Wonderland Falling Yesterday | Trico! | Matryoshka | Anoice --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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