Icebreaker International - Trein Maersk: A Report to the NATOarts Board of Directors

2010-05-28 08:38:38 UTC
Icebreaker International is an electronic musical duo featuring Alexander Perls from New York and Londoner Simon Break. They first released material under the name Icebreaker, including the 1999 album Distant Early Warning on Aesthetics Records. The album of minimal electronic soundscapes was conceptually based in Cold War-era North America and made reference to the Distant Early Warning Line of radar and listening stations established by the USA and Canada in the 1950s to warn of approaching Soviet bombers. In 2000 the duo signed to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s It Records and extended their name to Icebreaker International. Their second album [ Trein Maersk: A Report to the NATOarts Board of Directors ] was presented as a geopolitical " audio report " and was supposedly commissioned to promote international free trade, although the spoken samples and liner notes subtly undermine the conceit. Released in 2000, the album is markedly more up-tempo than its predecessor and features more prominent guitar work and synth-driven beats. In 2003 Perls and Break collaborated with Danish producer Manual [ Jonas Munk Jensen ] as Icebreaker International & Manual and released the album Into Forever, an album fusing the ambient electronica of their first album with the guitar melodies of the second. ~~~~~~~~ ( If I remember correctly I think we've had some minor glitch writing about [ Manual ] previously. I'm not certain though but I'm remembering vaguely. I don't know how this one is gonna go but I'm having a strong feling this link will be down in no time. It's a very beautiful album and it will be sad if any of us don't get to have a go. I don't have their myspace so I've taken the liberty to put a track on soundcloud but the entire album is must. Related artists here would be " Manual " and Piano Magic ". [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~ Artist - Icebreaker International Album - Trein Maersk: A Report to the NATOarts Board of Directors Release Date - 2000 Genre - Ambient, Electro, Post-rock [ VERY BEAUTIFUL ] Tracklist 01 Port of Yokohama 6:36 02 Philippine Sea 4:47 03 The Pacific Rim 1:54 04 Port of Singapore 7:28 05 Arabian Sea Passage 4:11 06 Port of Dubai 4:42 07 The Long Boom 4:47 08 Strait of Gibraltar 4:14 09 Port of Rotterdam 15:22 10 The Third Way 5:51 11 North Atlantic 3:20 12 Port of Halifax 13:57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Icebreaker International - Trein Maersk: A Report to the NATOarts Board of Directors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Piano Magic | 1 Mile North | Carta | Absent Without Leave | Aerosol --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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