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2010-07-02 09:57:36 UTC
LAST.FM... [ pq ] is a cinematic tapestry of lush melodies, merging endless layers of prepared guitars with crisp electronica. Propagating on - though not necessarily drawing from - influences ranging from Canadian apocalyptical post-rock to Nordic indietronica, and occasionally incorporating classical elements along the way, pq provides a most titillating soundtrack to any willing contemporary image. BBOMKAT... Belgian duo, Samir Bekaert and Maarten Vaderwalle arrive at Expanding Records, one of the more enduring electronica labels out there. [ You'll Never Find Us Here ] really doesn't fit with that sort of classification however, instead offering a richly varied selection of instrumental productions and tuneful home-listening excursions. Putting acoustic guitars and pianos to good use, pq make soundtrack-like vignettes, with highlights such as the string-bestowed offering " Jocelyn " and " Max Richter-ish " outing " Your Perception Of Red ". Elsewhere you'll encounter acoustic guitar flurries of James Blackshaw proportions [ " 'Will You Still Be There? " ] a solitary ballad [ "Louise On Earth " featuring a faintly spooky child's vocal ] and the expertly produced 'Somebody Should Repeat My Summer' which sounds a little reminiscent of Helios. The influence of abstract, beat-driven, post-IDM electronics remains present, with a sequence of three tracks at the end of the album bringing to mind the output of primetime Hobby Industries or Morr Music: " In Praise " is like an Opiate production with an electric guitar added to the mix and there's more top quality laptop juggling around the corner, providing clicky electronics and glitch rhythms for entries " Hold Me " and the inappropriately titled " Hidden Track ". ~~~~~~~~ ( what do you get when you put the best acoustic guitars over a touch of perfect classical tune and the most structured balance between bright and dark ambient all together. [ You'll Never Find Us Here ] is by far one of the most accessible, beautiful and flawless [ acoustic-classical-ambient ] art you' ll ever come accross. BY ALL MEANS... Reach out for [ PQ ] this duo musically got so much to offer. With all boundries / borders / territories respect but at some point it almost felt like listening to an Icelandic album. [ MySpace ] | [ Last.fm ] ). ~~~~~~~~ Artist - PQ Album - You'll Never Find Us Here [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Acoustic, Instrumental, Experimental, Ambient, Neo-classical influence, Post-rock, IDM-lush, Electronica, Post-electro / post-IDM, Electro-acoustic, You Decide [ FALWLESS SOUND AT ITS BEST ] Tracklist 01 A Taste of Diminished Expectation 3:36 02 La Chapelle 2:08 03 Your Perception of Red 2:38 04 Jocelyn 3:16 05 Louise on Earth 2:26 06 The Cairo Truth 3:46 07 Somebody Should Repeat My Summer 3:46 08 The Blind Architect 3:48 09 Will You Still Be There? 3:16 10 You'll Never Find Us Here 2:52 11 Hidden Track 4:10 12 In Praise 3:36 13 Hold Me 7:40 14 Somebody Should Repeat My Summer (remix) 5:20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PQ - You' ll Never Find Us Here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: | Jonsi & Alex | Redhooker | Rökkurró | Pascal Pinon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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