The Physics Of Meaning - Snake Charmer and Destiny at the Stroke of Midnight

2010-07-17 12:02:26 UTC
North Carolina, United States The Physics of Meaning is a chamber rock band from North Carolina, spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist songwriter Daniel Hart. Daniel is a member of St. Vincent and John Vanderslice’s band, as well as a frequent contributor to The Polyphonic Spree. Much in the same way that Daniel splits his time now between several different projects, Daniel split his time growing up between two passions. He started playing the violin when he was only three years old and continued to study classical music throughout his adolescence. The weeks were spent practicing Bach sonatas and partitas; Saturdays rehearsing “Peer Gynt” and “The Firebird Suite” in citywide youth orchestra. But Daniel also loved plays, taking up the role of Mercutio in a high school summer Shakespeare festival, reading the work of modern greats like Sam Shepard and Samuel Beckett. At college, Daniel delved into playwriting, examining human motivation as it translates from the written word to the stage, writing his own plays and performing them with his classmates. So The Physics of Meaning is the culmination of these two influences: Daniel’s love of classical violin and his love of dialogue-driven storytelling. Physics songs are narratives, character sketches, soliloquies, arguments, secret wishes and unsolved mysteries, all accompanied by strings which slide and sear and tremble and distort. The music evokes the sweet earnestness of John Vanderslice, the technical beauty of St. ~~~~~~~~~ ( Great opening on the violin. Beautiful album that I would highly recommend to everyone. I got the self Title as well but for some odd reason I only got half of it. Don't know how that happen. Singing while playing the violin [ INTERESTING ] [ MySpace ] | [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~~ Artist - The Physics Of Meaning Album - Snake Charmer and Destiny at the Stroke of Midnight Release Date - 2008 Genre - Indie, Instrumental, Progressive, Alternative, Post-rock influence [ BEAUTIFUL ] Tracklist 01 In Dreams, We Discover Ourselves, Broken and Yearning 02 Destiny Reveals an Unbelievable Truth 03 No More Sleeping in the Shadows 04 Like White Blood Filling a Black Heart 05 Around the Bend 06 Why Can’t We Fall In Love Forever? (Anything Is Possible) 07 We Were Made For This World 08 Song For a Snake Charmer 09 Song For a Wishing Well (Not Everything Is Possible) 10 Aeroplanes and Hurricanes 11 Snake Charmer and Destiny at the Stroke of Midnight 12 In Dreams, We Return to Ourselves, Empty and Honest -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Physics Of Meaning - Snake Charmer and Destiny at the Stroke of Midnight -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Belle Orchestre | I am You We Are | Owen Pallatt | Hey Rosetta | Venice Is Sinking --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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