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Pivot [ Australia ] are an experimental post-rock band formed in Sydney in 1999. In May 2010 they changed their name to PVT because they received a cease and desist letter from the US Pivot informing them that they were infringing upon a registered US trademark which had been recently acquired. The Australian band decided not to challenge this legally.

Rabit Hole Urban Music: Firstly, PVT are no longer an instrumental outfit. When [ Make Me Love You ] was an ambient mute, and [ O Soundtrack My Heart ] flirted with tiny morsels of pre-programmed vocals [ Church With No Magic ] is an entirely different beast.

It’s not like they’ve just decided to throw in some tambourine – the boys have a voice! And what do the lads have to say for themselves? Well… not much really. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Rather than direct articulation, here the vocals are employed to great effect like any other element.

The first single, Window, holds chopped, mutated and layered vocal sound bites, like a troupe of chanting monks are hiding in the corner of the practice room. Laurence Pike’s drumming is another standout. His work has always been masterful but not with the smack-you-in-the-face kind of rock we’re getting here, he’s all over it. And its often given its due right up front in the mix lending the album a great live feel.

The Grizzly Bear meets David Bowie (circa Labyrinth) elements of [ Church With No Magic ] may alienate those who preferred the more sombre moments of [ Make Me Love You ]. This is a dark and heavy ride – almost creepy at times – which is fine, but towards the end they almost overstay their welcome as the ” compress and release ” idea wears thin. At first I wasn’t desperate to delve back in for a repeat listen, but I will.

~~~~~~~~~ ( I have to say… listening to [ Church With No Magic ] 5 times in 3 days and reading the above descriptive review couldn’t be any better. I’ve always said you either LOVE or DESPISE Pivot sound. There is no in between.

However on this new title, clearly it’s a whole different game. By all means start with the 2010 album itslef but do get the previous one’s as well. I seriously doubt the duration of theses files though. [ MySpace ] | [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~~~

Artist – PVT
Album – Light Up Bright Fres
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Experimental, Electro, Electro-core, IDM


1 Light Up Bright Fires 4:15
2 Light Up Bright Fires (Nathan Fake Remix) 5:26
3 Light Up Bright Fires (Seekae Remix) 4:15
4 Window (Dorian Concept Remix) 3:39
5 Window (Danimals Remix) 2:22
PVT – Light Up Bright Fires

Artist – PVT
Album – Church With No Magic
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Experimental, Electro, Electro-core, IDM

01 Community
02 Light Up Bright Fires
03 Church With No Magic
04 Crimson Swan
05 Window
06 The Quick Mile
07 Waves & Radiation
08 Circle Of Friends
09 Timeless
10 Only The Wind Can Hear You
PVT – Church With No Magic

Artist – PVT
Album – O Soundtrack My Heart
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Experimental, Electro, Electro-core, IDM

01 October 1:52
02 In the Blood 4:34
03 O Soundtrack My Heart 5:40
04 Fool in Rain 3:08
05 Sing, You Sinners 3:38
06 Sweet Memory 5:47
07 Love Like I 4:54
08 Didn’t I Furious 3:30
09 Epsilon 6:30
10 Nothing Hurts Machine 4:58
11 My Heart Like Marching Band 3:43
PVT – O Soundtrack My Heart

Artist – PVT
Album – Make Me Love You
Release Date – 2005
Genre – Experimental, Electro, Electro-core, IDM

1 Make Me Love You 3:32
2 Artificial Horizon 4:13
3 Incidental Backcloth 7:07
4 Montecore 4:46
5 La Mer 5:30
6 Pivot Voltron 7:57
7 I May Be Gone for Some Time 3:45
8 Kirsten Dunst 7:16
9 Helps None But Hurts None 6:15
PVT – Make Me Love You
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