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* * * * * Brendan Perry – Ark * * * * *

Brendan Perry was half of one of the most successful and enduring acts in 4AD’s history: Dead Can Dance. He spent 16 years searching the world for meaning and knowledge through music in partnership with Lisa Gerrard, then turned his attention to a solo record which would continue this exploration.

Although Eye Of The Hunter was released in October 1999, Brendan began work on the album while Dead Can Dance were still active – the idea was inspired, in part, by his incredible solo performance during 4AD’s 13 Year Itch celebrations at the ICA in 1993.

Boasting lush production sensibilities and a boundary-defying spirit, Eye Of The Hunter offered an immediate familiarity to fans of Dead Can Dance’s unique soundworld. But there were difference in the manner the music was made, and also how it was presented.

Though Dead Can Dance employed vocals, the duo’s goal was to express emotions beyond language. Their recording process was also open to improvisation, Brendan and Lisa letting the music lead them to its destination. In contrast, Eye Of The Hunter’s vignettes were written – crafted – using a more traditional singer / songwriter process.

The music, centered around Brendans thoughtful and restrained guitar playing, provided a backdrop for his deep, gentle vocals. And while much of Dead Can Dance’s work eluded categorisation, Brendan embraced it, making a folk record in the truest sense: these songs – each one its own story but each also contributing to an overall theme – were rooted in his life experiences.

~~~~~~~~ ( Once again… I don’t know if this entry is going to last forever but while you at it… By all means. If not just as good as the other half ” Lisa Gerrard ” then EVEN BETTER. [ MySpace ] | [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~

Artist – Brendan Perry
Album – Ark [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Darkwave, Neo-folk, Experimental, Etheral, Newage [ JUST BRILLIANT ]

1. Babylon 6:09
2. The Bogus Man 6:12
3. Wintersun 6:02
4. Utopia 5:56
5. Inferno 6:38
6. This Boy 6:59
7. The Devil & the Deep Sea 7:36
8. Crescent 9:36
Brendan Perry – Ark
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