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Like their namesake — the dog rocketed into orbit by the Soviets renowned as the first living creature to exit the earth’s atmosphere — Laika travelled the spaceways, forging a distinct and wildly experimental fusion of hip-hop, jazz, electronica, ambient, dub and Krautrock without earthly precedent. A kind of Too Pure label all-star team comprised of former Moonshake vocalist/programmer Margaret Fiedler and bassist John Frenett, onetime PJ Harvey drummer Rob Ellis and noted producer Guy Fixsen as well as ex-God percussionist Lou Ciccotelli and saxophonist/flautist Louise Elliott. Laika formed in London during the autumn of 1993; their debut EP Antenna appeared the following summer. Silver Apples of the Moon, the group’s acclaimed full-length debut, followed in the fall of 1994; after a hiatus, Laika resurfaced with Sounds of the Satellites in early 1997, garnering even greater critical praise. Their most successful album, Good Looking Blues appeared in 2000, preceded by a single Uneasy which was unbelievably a single of the week on Radio 1’s Jo Whiley show. Laika continued to tour this album, their profile seemingly at its highest, before retreating back into the studio to work on their fourth album. Around this time Margaret Fiedler also toured with PJ Harvey guesting on guitar duties. A compilation Lost In Space Volume 1 appeared in early 2003 collecting together odds and ends [ Peel sessions, b-sides, album and single tracks ] before their fourth album Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing was issued in late 2003. This was to be their final release for Too Pure before the band went on an indefinite hiatus. Even now it is uncertain whether or not Laika will reconvene to issue new recordings. [ Margaret has recently joined up with art-pop situationists Wire for their 2008 tour, as a replacement for original guitarist Bruce Gilbert who left the band in 2004. She featured as a touring member only, under her new married name of Mags Fiedler McGinnis ]. ~~~~~~~~ ( " Good Looking Blues " would most probably be the BEST start. " Bjork " ~ " Fever Ray " ~ Portishead " kind of listen. [ MySpace ] | [ ] ). ~~~~~~~~~ Artist - Laika Album - Silver Apples of the Moon Release Date - 1994 Genre - Ambient, Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Trip-core, Indie Tracklist 01 Sugar Daddy 5:25 02 Marimba Song 5:15 03 Let Me Sleep 4:23 04 Itchy & Scratchy 0:57 05 Coming Down Glass 4:57 06 If You Miss 5:19 07 44 Robbers 4:15 08 Red River 3:56 09 Honey in Heat 4:23 10 Thomas 3:26 11 Spider Happy Hour 1:40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laika - Silver Apples of the Moon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Laika Album - Sounds of the Satellites Release Date - 1997 Genre - Ambient, Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Trip-core, Indie Tracklist 01 Prairie Dog 4:56 02 Breather 7:16 03 Out of Sight and Snowblind 5:27 04 Almost Sleeping 6:54 05 Starry Night 3:19 06 Bedbugs 5:52 07 Martinis on the Moon 1:43 08 Poor Gal 3:08 09 Blood and Bones (Moody mix) 4:36 10 Shut Off/Curl Up 5:36 11 Spooky Rhodes 6:17 12 Dirty Feet and Giggles 21:47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laika - Sounds of the Satellites -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Laika Album - Good Looking Blues Release Date - 2000 Genre - Ambient, Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Trip-core, Indie [ START HERE ] Tracklist 01 Black Cat Bone 4:24 02 Moccasin 4:31 03 T. Street 6:10 04 Uneasy 4:57 05 Good Looking Blues 5:44 06 Widow's Weed 7:47 07 Glory Cloud 3:44 08 Go Fish 4:34 09 Badtimes 4:51 10 Knowing Too Little 8:16 11 Lie Low 4:40 12 A Single Word 5:02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laika - Good Looking Blues -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Laika Album - Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing Release Date - 2003 Genre - Ambient, Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Trip-core, Indie, Indie-pop Tracklist 01 Girls Without Hands 5:00 02 Falling Down 5:18 03 Alphabet Soup 4:07 04 Barefoot Blues 3:50 05 Leaf by Leaf 4:40 06 Diamonds & Stones 3:46 07 Dirty Bird 3:20 08 Fish for Nails 3:17 09 Oh 4:13 10 King Sleepy 4:24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laika - Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Atomica | Fever Ray | Tujiko Noriko | Valgeir Sigurðsson | FusedMarc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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New album Land of Evergone by Ali Murray

Ali Murray is an ethereal folk songwriter/musician from the cold isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland. He writes dark atmospheric folk music with lush sweeping dreamy soundscapes and Celtic-twinged instrumentation. His new album LAND OF EVERGONE strikes a balance that is intimate and soaring, peaceful and haunting, sad and quietly joyful, delicately reverberating with Murray's dreamy voice and guitar playing.


Review for 52 by Orellana

Orellana is a neo-classical/post-rock collective hailing from Bristol, UK. Their new album “52”, released in late December, brought in the new year with it’s explosive and intricate sound. The project’s music transcends genre definitions in order to focus on a broad, diverse concept that is more emotional than tangible. This particular release is full of rich and diverse arrangements, but it is also a powerful exercise in minimalism, one that showcases the strength of very few notes placed in the right spots. The simplicity of the arrangement is actually one of the strongest aspects of this entire release: there’s a palpable stillness created by the long, drone notes in the background, which almost makes you feel like the world is happening in slow motion. When the chords and notes change, it feels quite monumental due to the beautiful contrast between the stillness of the background textures and the expressive sound of the guitar-based melodies.



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