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Homesick For Space

Remember when you were a kid and you would hop on the merry-go-round and spin and spin until the world became just a blurring whoosh of bright colors and distorted sound? That is Homesick for Space – a dizzying kaleidoscope of sound that bursts with all the power of emo and the atmospheric ambience of melodic indie rock; yet even with hints of jazz and classical influences thrown in, HFS’s sound is noticeably lacking in pretense.

Homesick For Space aka [ HFS ] delivers a unique sound remeniscent of earlier Radiohead stylings with a more piano base to it. The vocal harmonies are amazing and progress perfectly with the many guitar parts throughout the CD.

The best part of the overall sound is by far the drumming. With almost offbeat patterns the drums set the pace for the entire CD, slowing it down to almost a complete stop sometime, just tpo build it back up to a choir of muscial talent. One can not overlook the jazziness influence of the drums that all the more makes HFS a more unique band.

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Artist – Homesick For Space
Album – All We Are Now [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Indie, Alternative, Post-rock, Shoegaze [ REALLY GOOD ]


01 Joker’s Smile
02 …Please Continue
03 Chasing a Ghost
04 Spines
05 Disconnection
06 Dark Corners, The
07 Look How We Try
08 British
09 Honey, I Play to Win
10 Tension Free
11 Your Ghost
12 Recover
13 Control
14 Just Like in the Start
Homesick For Space – All We Are Now


Artist – Homesick For Space
Album – Unison
Release Date – 2003
Genre – Alternative, Indie, Shoegaze, Post-Rock [ VERY GOOD ]

01 Unison 3:04
02 Drop Your Mask 3:56
03 Sink Or Swim 4:30
04 Oh, How You Shine 5:39
05 Across This Barren Sea 3:54
06 Skeletons On The Sill 4:41
07 Echo Of Your Eyes 4:16
08 In Rapture 4:18
09 Sins Defined 3:25
10 Smoke And Steam 2:09
11 Convictions 4:36
Homesick For Space – Unison (PW:

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