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Miami Scissors – First April Morning At The Empty Stadium

Miami Scissors gathered in autumn 2005 in Tver, Russian Federation. Two friends – Antip, Sergey, who played at that time in well-known team Mascara, for the entertainment of a musical project, which began just a name. Miami Scissors, or “Mayyamskie Scissors” – who both prefer. Just at the same time, the boys met and became friends with Stepan, who drummed in Tver’ britpop group Vido, and gently asked him to play together. After a few rehearsals, the guys realize that for each other, and play in their former teams for them is meaningless.

The first concert of “Scissors” played in the club “Plekhanov” 28 November 2005 with his good friends – the now-defunct group n’FaiN. As a Miami Scissors have not really been ready to live the program, intervention group was a largely improvised, but everything went very soul, the warmth and positively, the audience and the musicians themselves were very pleased.

Since 2006, “Miami Scissors” are beginning to actively oppose, but do not forget about the studio, as evidenced by their debut album “First April Morning at the Empty Stadium” – a literate mixture of styles such as alternative rock, post-grunge, experimental punk, post-rock.

In the summer of 2008 for the release of their debut album took Russia’s most respected rock label, “A-One Records”, and now the record Miami Scissors “First April Morning At the Empty Stadium” can be purchased in all music shops.

At the moment the group is working on a new album which is scheduled for spring 2009, planned video shoot and of course performance.

~~~~~~~~~ ( Well crafted mixture of indie, metal and some post-rock / screamo elements. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everyone to try. ) [ MySpace ] | [ Last.Fm ] ~~~~~~~~~

Artist – Miami Scissors
Album – First April Morning At The Empty Stadium
Release Date – 2007
Genre – Indie, Alternative-Metal, Post-Rock Influence [ VERY GOOD ]

01-heaven sensor 3:21
02-forever mexico 2:38
03-suomi four sticks 4:22
04-intensive forestry 3:57
05-tuna’s angst 1:58
06-fear hides in snare drums 4:12
07-sixteen 6:47
08-floc test 3:58
09-bombs=letters 4:19
10-mr.rider 3:18
11-jet queen 4:30
12-Hidden Track 3:48
Miami Scissors – First April Morning At The Empty Stadium (PW:
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