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Readymade – The Dramatic Balanced

The triangle offense of Arch (guitar, vocal), Hilts (keyboards) and Gittes (bass) came together in Vancouver to create urban soundscapes and accounts of rainy nights and streetlight life under networks. With drummer Luc Casio, the young cadre released 1997’s defiant and morose “The Dramatic Balanced” and then 1999’s “The Block Alone” single.

Not the most prolific band in the world, but the foundation was laid and the lanes paved for a more intense operation on the horizon. Rising from the ashes of the dark droning psychadelia of Pipedream, swingmen Dr. Roberts (drums) and dt (guitar, sound) signed on as free agents in 2001 and the current line-up of Readymade formed like Voltron.

The stage was set and the result was the second full length “On Point and Red” on Endearing Records. OPAR saw Readymade move past the more old-school shoegaze elements of the previous record and focus on more subtle dynamics, melody repetition, and arcing arrangements trying all the while to repel time, routine and responsibility.

In the murdered years that followed the group dispersed itself throughout every corridor and row of Vancouver, always writing, slowly writing. Readymade is again resurfacing in the 2004/05 season to deliver the third record, “All The Plans Resting”. Diverse and dense, with as much acoustic as electric, pick your escape route and go.

~~~~~~~~~ ( Great sound from the 90’s – these smooth, psychedelic-touched songs are highly enjoyable. GIVE THIS TITLE A LISTEN folks. ) [ MySpace ] | [ Last.Fm ] ~~~~~~~~~

Artist – Readymade
Album – The Dramatic Balanced
Release Date – 1997
Genre – Indie, Shoegaze, Psychedelic-Like [ GREAT ]

Readymade – 01 – Maryland, That Means Good 0:29
Readymade – 02 – Moten 1:13
Readymade – 03 – Lasting Real 4:41
Readymade – 04 – Of Urban Sprawl 3:06
Readymade – 05 – Wayfinding 4:52
Readymade – 06 – Bloomsbury Boxcutter 3:38
Readymade – 07 – Forgottenatural.Calm 1:37
Readymade – 08 – View Towered Centre 6:02
Readymade – 09 – Always Be Closing 1:03
Readymade – 10 – Following a Typewriter to Sleep 6:36
Readymade – 11 – Hamburg 5:03
Readymade – 12 – Head Falls to Shoulder 9:16
Readymade – 13 – Sicker This Year 1:37
Readymade – 14 – Dreamt I Fled 4:19
Readymade – 15 – The Lamplighters Are Dead 7:30
Readymade – The Dramatic Balanced (PW:
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