413 - Path To Hocma

2010-11-07 13:21:34 UTC
413 is the name behind which hides the young basque David Pisabarro. This vocationally self-taught bass player first cut his teeth in various local-scene bands, in which he began to realize his maverick skills as a musician and writer, even as a constant caregiver of sounds, textures, layers and lyrics. Always delving into the dark side of art and the human being, 413’s music is passionate, seeker of new limits on the conventions that have been established gradually in contemporary music, feeling increasingly more comfortable in the experimental edge of the art and of itself, somewhere between what we label post-folk and post-rock, not ever dreading the risk of the very concept of sound. This passion also translates into a never-ending effort to soak up every single detail that will serve in his relationship with music or the learning process itself, as an author and as a producer. His first solo production [ Reschith, 2008 ] is a reflection of that. Consisting of five compositions that naturally wander among the most extreme sides of the human mind, from the introspective and sentimental to the uproar about social reality, it achieved to collect very positive feedback from the most important underground and mainstream media [ Rockzone, Feticeira ]. Between the Reschith and the recent Path to Hocma, 413 has completed a training process as a technician and has achieved to be a successful producer in each of his single efforts for bands such as Thee Brandy Hips “We are Love”, Madeleine “Madeleine” and Cohen " Subconsicous Mind ". That latter production gave him the chance to work on the very basics of what was next shaped by Eskil Lövstrom and Pelle Henricsson [ Refused, Cult of Luna, Hell is for Heroes,… ]. But now he finds himself on his own, embarking on an ambitious project, having no generational reference to base his work on: Path to Hocma is an album that could easily be labeled as conceptual, but will surely prove itself, in time, as the very embodiment of a transformation that makes it become something bigger, something of more significance, a multidisciplinary task that will be growing over the years and that will shaping and extending itself until it reaches a thousand levels of expression both musically and humanly. Its composition and production philosophy defines the product: it was written with no amplifiers, no guitars, without a studio to call home, based only on an electric bass. This radical bet looks for the most honest way to treat your own art: Path to Hocma can’t actually be purchased, but instead is freely available in both digital and CD format. So stay tuned. 413 is here to stay. ~~~~~~~ ( Based on the [ Quoted Tags ] ~ [ Cult Of Luna ] fans ~ For an [ EXQUISITE ] noise... I say [ GET IT ]. [ MySpace ] | [ Last.Fm ] | [ Official Site ] wherever you head for after reading this be sure to come back and download. " Path To Hocma " is not the average post-hardcore ~ screamo album, tracks like " The Desert Of The Real " ~ " The Rising of the Real Man " truly set this bands apart from the average we know of on an experimental note. SOME REALLY GOOD STUFF guys ). ~~~~~~~ Artist - 413 Album - Path To Hocma [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Post-rock, Post-metal, Post-hardcore, Screamo, Experimental, Sludge-metal, Sludge-core, Progressive-metal Tracklist 00.- The Town 01.- The Desert of the Real 02.- The Rising of the Real Man 03.- The Bindu Sea: Cloudy 04.- The Brigit Mountains 05.- The White Mountains 06.- The Swamp 07.- The Hocma Point 08.- The Ophoist 09.- The Virus Ophoist / The Yethunter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 413 - Path To Hocma -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Men In Search Of Perfect Weapon | Balboa, The Plague Sermon, Rosetta, The Grizzly Twister | Milanku | Year Of No Light | ISIS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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