TSS 2010 Top 50 Releases

2010-12-27 13:57:34 UTC
Finally I managed to get to this list. I must admit 2010 has been really good on us. Matter of fact 2010 has been one phenomenal year in terms of great and exceptional releases. While I’m at it, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all contributors, labels and artists for all the great music, support and contribution they’ve shown over the year. I’ve said it previously, I’m saying it again and I’ll repeat it over and over again [ TSS ] wouldn’t be such a great place to be if it was not for its contributors. So once again to everyone [ THANK YOU ] for making this site such an awesome and comfortable community. I wish you all a happy new year and looking forward for more great sound in the year to come. As it is I’ve already seen some [ expected date of release ] of some great artists on [ The Sirens Sound Forum ]. By the look of it, we in for another treat as 2011 approaches. So here we go... After narrowing the huge list… this is what it all boils down to [ 2010 Top 50 Realeases ] in no preferencial order. And once again there are [ PLENTY ] of other artists that I'd like to add to this list but as it is... I just had to harrow it down to 50 though. [ (The) Slowest Runner (In All the World) - We, Burning Giraffes ] [ 36 - Hollow ] [ Butterfly Explosion - Lost Trails ] [ Nest - Retold ] [ Collapse Under The Empire- The Sirens Sound ] [ canyonsofstatic - canyonsofstatic ] [ Chazz Knapp - The Silence ] [ Her Name is Calla - The Quiet Lamb ] [ Fuzzy Lights - Twin Feathers ] [ Gifts From Enola - Gifts From Enola ] [ The Album Leaf - A Chorus Of Storytellers ] [ The American Dollar - Atlas ] [ The Echelon Effect - Mosaic ] [ Álfheimr - Light and Air ] [ Amos Val - Amos Val ] [ Arms and Sleepers - Metador Remixed ] [ Bitcrush - Of Ember ] Mogwai - Special Moves [ My Cats A Stargazer - Monode Kinetics ] [ My Education - Sunrise ] [ Portraits of American Firing Squads - The Eternal Fear ] [ Rosetta - A Determinism of Morality ] [ Crippled Black Phoenix - I, Vigilante ] [ Dopedrone - Apokalupsis Eschaton ] [ Electric Lithany - How To Be A Child & Win The War ] [ Hammock - Chasing After Shadows... Living With the Ghosts ] [ Heinali And Matt Finney - Conjoined ] [ Labirinto - Anatema ] [ Lights Out Asia - In The Days Of Jupiter ] [ Herod Layne - Absentia ] [ Maserati - Pyramid of the Sun ] [ Near The Parenthesis - Music For The Forest Concourse ] [ Ólafur Arnalds - ...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness ] [ Olan Mill - Pine ] [ Portland Cello Project - Thousand Words ] [ PQ - You' ll Never Find Us Here] [ Redhooker - Vespers ] [ Rökkurró - Í Annan Heim ] [ RQTN - Decades and Decisions ] [ Sleepy Eyes of Death - Toward a Damaged Horizon ] [ Slow Six - Tomorrow Becomes Yo ] [ Subheim - No Land Called Home ] [ té - 敢えて、理解を望み縺れ尽く音声や文字の枠外での「約束」を ] [ The Great Wilderness - Tiny Monsters ] [ The Kays Lavelle – Be Still This Gentle Morning ] [ Thee Silver Mt. Zoin Memorial Orchestra - Kollaps Tradixionales ] [ 65daysofstatic - We Were Exploding Anyway ] [ You.May.Die.In.The.Desert - International Waters ] [ Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson ] [ ZXYZXY - The Girl With A Thousand Teeth ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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The Great Long Distance by John D. Reedy

The Great Long Distance is an audible recollection of the first 12 months of a long distance relationship, including the highs and lows and moments in between. It is a journal without words, each of the 12 tracks representing each month respectively. Inspired by the format of NIN's "Ghosts I-IV", the album is a sonic tapestry of different moods and themes, with various recurring motifs and the subtle melding of synthesizer and samples; the result something not quite classical, ambient or electronic - rather, an eclectic blend of the three. For fans of Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and later Ulver


Review of "Burial Songs" by Palehorse/Palerider

In order to excel in the independent music industry, an act has to define itself as especially unique with a sound quite unlike anything else in the community. This is a tall order, one that isn’t easily filled by acts entering variations of rock music due to the immense amount of bands flooding the scene right now. Palehorse/Palerider, a “doomgaze” trio from Denver, has released an EP entitled ‘Burial Songs’ that does a surprisingly superb job at separating itself from the pack. Let’s delve into it.


Review for "I Want to Stand Where the Sun Himself Shakes with Fear" by Voices from Deep Below

Even though the independent rock scene is quite inundated with new acts, there’s always a welcome place for an outfit that changes the formula enough to be consistently interesting and worth taking notice of. The New York-based alternative rock group Voices from Deep Below attempts to do just that, fusing together a variety of styles into a surprisingly coherent sound. Their new record, “I Want to Stand Where the Sun Himself Shakes with Fear”, is a five song album that navigates alt-rock, experimental, and borderline metal and progressive influences all at the same time.



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