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2011-03-31 09:09:04 UTC
Southpacific [ colloquially " SoPac " ] was a space rock band with prominent dream ~ post-rock leanings, originally based in Ottawa, Canada. Its members were multi-instrumentalists Graeme Fleming [ electric guitar ] Phil Stewart-Bowes [ bass guitar ] Joachim Toelke [ drums ~ percussion ] The trio formed in 1997, began playing live in 1998, and went on to release two recordings on the Turnbuckle label. [ The label was also home to noise rockers Bailter Space ]. Their self-titled 1998 EP/mini album aka [ 33 ] was supposedly recorded in a ski chalet. Southpacific soon relocated to the more musically-fertile community of Toronto. Their full-length album [ Constance ] was recorded in early to mid 1999, and made it to stores in early 2000. Southpacific’s guitar-oriented music was generally psychedelic in nature and filled with reverb, yet at times contained sheets of noise and heavy drumming. Their music was highly recording studio-intensive, using many layers of guitar tracks and subtle samples to create a dense overall sound. This drew the band comparisons to [ Sonic Youth ] ~ early [ Verve ] ~ [ Slowdive # ~ [ Mogwai ] and [ My Bloody Valentine ]. However, only one of the band’s songs [ " Built To Last " ] had vocals, making the band favorites of post-rock and ambient music aficionados. The band never released any singles. ~~~~~~~ ( And for a band I never knew, heard, read or come across in the past and which totally blew my mind away. Magnificent beautiful on a post-rock ~ ambient ~ shoegaze vibe atmosphere. TRULY AMAZING sound on [ Constance ]. You guys migh want to GET BOTH titles here. I don't know what's next but [ Constance ] is definitely the [ Album Of Day ]. [ Last.Fm ] ). ~~~~~~~ Artist - Southpacific Album - Constance [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2000 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock, Ambient, Shoegaze [ HUGE & BEAUTIFUL SOUND ] Tracklist 01 Blue Lotus 02 Parallel Lines 03 E10 @ 182 04 Alamo 05 Analogue 9 06 Round (Forget What You Feel) 07 Built To Last 08 A Better Life Since 09 Stay Ahead, Far Behind 10 Pintail Gate 11 Automata 12 Instrumental 13 Telegraph Hill 14 Aria -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Southpacific - Constance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Southpacific Album - 33 [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 1998 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock, Ambient, Shoegaze [ HUGE & BEAUTIFUL SOUND ] Tracklist Southpacific - 01 - Nova Southpacific - 02 - Datura Southpacific - 03 - Life Illusion Southpacific - 04 - Soundbarrier Southpacific - 05 - Interconnect Southpacific - 06 - Time Between Southpacific - 07 - Reverbium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Southpacific - 33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Yeti Island | Signal Hill | Engineers | AristeiA | Windemere --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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