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2011-04-21 08:48:13 UTC
Straight from the northern wastes of Illinois, Endless Field Studios, Volume 1 brings together past, present, and future tracks from the diverse array of musicians at EFS. The internet wasn't ready for EFS when it exploded onto the scene in back in 2009 and all signs are pointing to the internet still not being ready until the second quarter of 2077. The music is just that good [ really good! good job! great! ] and that cheap [ free! ]. From the lush post-rock of [ Sioum ] to the smooth techno of [ Analog Fire ] ~ from the tidal synths of [ Connectedness Locus ] to the grandiose wonder of [ Bridges of Königsberg ] this album has it all. Endless Field Studios, Volume 1 is a core-sample of everything EFS stands for. Featuring upcoming releases from [ Sioum ] ~ [ adamjmoore ] and [ Analog Fire ] exclusive tracks from [ Lunar Day ] & [ Connectedness Locus ] " this is the only place to get them! " and past tracks from [ Bridges of Königsberg ] ~ [ Pstetwoo ] ~ [ Heat Peanuts ] ~ [ Eno ] and [ Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades ]. ~~~~~~~~ ( And here is another record I sat with last night till about 1 am. On an electo note... Really we talking some lush electro sound here. Lets put it this way If I or anyone sit with an entire album for the next 50 mins, then it's got to be GOOD. On the same note, we looking at [ adamjmoore ] ~ [ Analog Fire ] ~ [ Lunar Day ] ~ [ Connectedness Locus ] but to be genuinely honest I never came across any of these bands previously. Matter of fact the only band I know of from this compilation are [ Sioum ] and [ Eno ] But you sure bet I’m BandCamp(ing) those little mystery sounds. [ BandCamp ] ). ~~~~~~~~ Artist - Endless Field Studios Album - Endless Field Studios [ Volume I ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Ambient, Electro, Post-rock, Electro-core Tracklist 01. Sioum - Chambers 05:12 02. Pstetwoo - Biomechanical Shrubs 09:10 03. Connectedness Locus - Turned Incandescent 03:25 04. Bridges of Königsberg - Waiting for Stars to Explode 04:36 05. Eno - Electric River (featuring Cleo Gordon) 03:28 06. Analog Fire - Refill 05:13 07. Lunar Day - The Compound 03:49 08. adamjmoore - Emenv 09:42 09. Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades - Places Pass And The Walls of Green Collapse 04:52 10. Heat Peanuts - A Song About Daydreaming 03:22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP ~ Endless Field Studios - EFS [ Volume I ] FILEFACTORY ~ Endless Field Studios - EFS [ Volume I ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: P V T | Murcof | Joshua Hart | Le Vant | Amon Tobin | 65daysofstatic | Water Fai -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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