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2011-10-04 08:55:48 UTC


PHORIA is a unique 5-piece band from Brighton, with influences ranging from Radiohead and Elbow, to Sigur Ros and Cinematic Orchestra, producing varied but emotionally charged music centred around Trewin Howard’s signature vocals. PHORIA create songs that build from delicate, introspective passages to intense climaxes, underpinned by soaring vocal harmonies and a powerful rhythm section consisting of drummer Seryn Burden and bassist Tim Douglas. Classically trained Ed Sanderson provides a mix of organ, piano and violin to enhance the band’s expansive sound.

PHORIA have recently focussed their efforts on developing their exciting live show, which is accompanied by mesmerising video backdrops made by guitarist Jeb Hardwick. PHORIA have recently been seen supporting Dodgy, A Genuine Freakshow and The Mandibles, and are supporting Little Dragon in September. They are also appearing at the festivals Playgroup and Godsplash over the summer.

They have garnered a dedicated online following though sites such as Myspace, Facebook and Youtube, which have hosted a wealth of home-recorded tracks that have received high praise. They also have a collection of more than 200 demos, accumulated over five years of dedicated creativity.

PHORIA caught the attention of producer Dan Lucas, guitarist of Jairus, when playing their debut gig in Lewisham’s Dirty South (supporting Brit-Pop legends Dodgy). He felt the band’s material and performance was so strong that he offered his time for free in order to enable them to record their first E.P. at Anchor Baby studios in the Kent countryside. They are currently working on securing a release of the E.P. with a view to making a full-length record, and looking at ways to tour more extensively.


'A Brighton band who mix Radiohead with Sigur Ros. Could be big...' Jeff Hemmings __Radio Reverb' | | | ‘…One of the best bands I've ever heard: Phoria… really are something else… Imagine it sounding a bit like Elbow meets Coldplay meets Sunny Day Real Estate. It's dark, beautiful and very very awesome!’ __Dan Lucas

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[ Yourself Still ] which by the way is an album that made a huge impact on me is still available for FREE download on the artist BandCamp Page and a series of totally new songs can be stream on the artist SoundCloud Page. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you into Radiohead ~ Sigur Ros ~ Sleepy.ab and the likes. The band will be also be touring on the following date and would love if you could come along.

4th October - Buffalo Bar, Islington, London 7th October - The Green Door Store, Brighton (supporting the fantastic David's Lyre) 15th October - The Chi, Chichester 8th November - Dublin Castle, Camden, London

Phoria’s sound dazzles between [ sigur Ros ] and [ Radiohead ] or [ Radiohead ] and [ Coldplay ]. The album “Yourself Still” opens up with stunning guitars and a soon the vocals kicks in your mind simply goes blank. The album gradually built up tension that disintegrates to enchanting melodic landscape with a perfect flow through in and throughout while at the same time holding a great balance between lyrics and sounds. As tuneful as [ Yourself Still ] is... the album also carries various musical vibes from cinematic orchestra to post-rock and indie-rock to stunning pop tunes leading the overall outcome of this record to a blazed emotion.

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Artist - Phoria Album - Yourself Still [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Indie, Post-rock / Shoegaze Influence [ BEAUTIFUL SOUND ] Tracklist 1. Bruised 07:23 2. Bones 06:39 3. A Way With The Mouth (Ash) 04:27 4. The Divider 05:28 5. This Year 02:02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP ~ Phoria - Yourself Still -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Sleepy.ab | Wooderd Chiarie | Felperc | Shapes Stars Make | Dth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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