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In pursuit of the deeper meanings behind everyday phenomena, composer and pianist Kevin Keller has created a unique body of original work that brings together acoustic and electronic instruments in a profoundly personal style. Tapping an eclectic array of 20th century musical and literary inspirations, from Debussy to Robert Frost, Keller's music transcends its influences and invites the listener into an unfolding adventure of self-discovery.

"As far back as I can recall, I've always had this curiosity about what's going on behind the surface of our world," explains the Southern California native and longtime San Francisco Bay resident. "In my travels through life, I've had unexpected glimpses of a greater meaning beneath our day-to-day existence. These revelations have led to greater insight into my own life, and they have filtered their way into everything I have written and recorded."

Elegantly balancing the sophistication of synthesizers and sequencers with the flesh-and-bone feel of piano, cello, and bass, Keller's music pulsates with a sense of mystery and wonder. Rippling melodies and shimmering harmonies stir romantic impressions, while washes of atmospheric sound, haunting drones, and meticulously crafted effects evoke the darker, more ambiguous moods of the human psyche. Time slows to a crawl, then rushes ahead; space contracts into a shadowy corner, then expands beyond any visible boundary; all with the intriguingly elastic momentum of Keller's imagination.

[ DVIJA ] In Sanskrit, "dvija" means "twice-born", referring both to our physical birth into the world and our spiritual birth into adulthood. Each of us experiences a rite of passage in our life, some event or chain of events that signals a coming of age. In my life, that passage into a wider world was a spiritual awakening that took me from the solitude of the Muir Woods to the expansive playa of Burning Man in the summer of 1996. These experiences were so significant that they've continued to shape my life ever since. When choreographer Amy Marshall called me to discuss a new dance work she wanted to create about rites of passage, my mind immediately jumped back to those experiences, and they formed the basis for the music that followed.

The word "dvija" also conjured up images of India, leading me to use Indian rhythm cycles, or "talas", as the foundation for the music and also the titles of the individual movements. "Dvija" was commissioned by the Amy Marshall Dance Company, and was funded with the generous support of Paul and Sharon Steinwachs.

Kevin Keller is very pleased to announce the release of "Not In My Name", a new work for chamber ensemble commissioned by Ray Sullivan for Miami Contemporary Dance Company for a dance work about holy war and acts of man done in the name of God. This recording is available as a download from iTunes iTunes and all other online retailers, and is also available as a limited edition CD from the Online Store. Selections from "Not In My Name" have recently been heard on the nationally syndicated program "Echoes". Please visit Kevin Keller.COM for audio clips and purchase links.

In his follow-up to the emotional "In Absentia" (2009), composer Kevin Keller delves further into pure expressionism with [ Not In My Name ] a stylistic gene-splicing of minimalism and ambient music. "When Ray Sullivan first approached me with his idea for a dance work about holy war and acts of man in the name of God, I was immediately inspired. With my own interest in the early Christian and Islamic faiths, I was excited about the opportunity to explore these ideas and express them in music.

Ray spent several weeks visiting ancient churches and monasteries in Europe, and the religious icons and images that he saw there would later inspire his choreography. In the mean time, I spent time researching medieval art and history, putting myself in the mindset of someone living during that time. With all of the research that Ray and I did, the music just came flowing out once we started working on it, inspiring new forms of expression. With everything going on in the world right now, the subject of this dance work is especially timely. It is our artistic intention toinspire in people a moment of consideration of their actions, and to inspire a feeling of unity and enlightenment.

[ The Day I Met Myself ]. Christmas give away, if you'd like to get a copy of Part 10 Ascending [ The Day I Met Myself ] simply send a line to [ ] with the subject title Merry Christmas: Free music for you!. [ The Day I Met Myself ] was released in October 2012 and unfolds like a film score, taking you on an emotional and psychological journey through lost memories and moments of wonder; then, emerging out of darkness to an incredible, expansive view. Keller's piano is the main voice in the story, pulling you along with melodic twists and turns, while strings and woodwinds create a lush, cascading world through which the piano travels. The music is surreal and deeply emotional.

For this album, Keller teamed up with renowned producer Russel Walder to push the creative envelope and take his music further. About working with Walder, Keller says "I think what makes our collaboration so perfect is that, even though our individual musical styles differ, there is something very similar in our approach to the music." The music is performed by the Kevin Keller Ensemble, well known to listeners for their previous CD "In Absentia".

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Dear Friend,

My new album "Nocturnes" is now available from retailers around the world - you can pick it up on CD, or as a high-quality download if you prefer. I want to thank you for your support, and I hope that you enjoy the new music. Here's what a radio host in Colorado recently had to say about the album:

"This is by far Kevin Keller's best CD. Each track envelops you in a musical story in such a delicate, deliberate way... the journey provided for the listener is priceless." - Marie Michaels/Music Beyond Words

Taking his cues from Debussy and Chopin, composer Kevin Keller filters Impressionist- and Romantic-infused melodies through modern electronics to create beautifully lush, and decidedly contemporary, music for the piano on "Nocturnes".

The ten nocturnes were inspired by the work of San Francisco photographer Seth Dickerman, whose "metamorphic landscapes" were created in moonlight or under low-light conditions, capturing surreal images that were only revealed once he returned to the darkroom. Mirroring this creative process, Keller recorded improvisations at the piano and then "treated" them in his studio, using digital effects to change the sound of the piano into waves, wind, and clouds. About this album, Keller says "I think of this music as a continuation of the process that Seth began almost 20 years ago, when he stood out under the night sky with his camera and captured those fleeting moments in time."

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Keller Nocturnes Artist - Kevin Keller Album - Nocturnes [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2013 Genre - Classical, Contemporary-classic, Mod-classical, Piano, Instrumental [ EPIC ] Tracklist 01. November 04:12 02. Pescadero 04:43 03. Moonlit Headlands 04:09 04. The Lost Father 04:08 05. St. John 04:02 06. Hawi Moon 04:37 07. Sobrante 04:16 08. Sapphire Pool 03:54 09. Trinity 04:14 10. Red Headlands 05:42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Keller - Nocturnes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Keller - The Day I Met Myself Artist - Kevin Keller Album - The Day I Met Myself [ * * * * * ] X10 Release Date - 2012 Genre - Acoustic, Contemporary classical, Modern classical, Space music, Instrumental [ EXQUISITE RECORD / SERIOUSLY GOOD AND EASY CLASSICAL LISTEN ] Tracklist Part 01: Innocence Part 02: Unfolding Part 03: Evanescence Part 04: Searching Part 05: Remembering Part 06: Beckoning Part 07: Reluctance Part 08: Waiting Part 09: Reverence Part 10: Ascending -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STREAM + PURCHASE Kevin Keller - The Day I Met Myself REQUEST YOUR FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD [ ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Kevin Keller Album - Not In My Name [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Acoustic, Contemporary classical, Modern classical, Space music, Instrumental [ TOTALLY AWESOME ] Tracklist 1 Tenebrae (Shadows) 2 Aenigmata (Mysteries) 3 Adhan (Call to Prayer) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iTunes ~ Kevin Keller - not In My Name FILEFACTORY ~ Kevin Keller - not In My Name -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Kevin Keller Album - Dvija Release Date - 2011 Genre - Acoustic, Contemporary classical, Modern classical, Space music, Instrumental Tracklist 01. Tintal 02. Dhamar 03. Keharwa 04. Ektal 05. Sitarkha -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILEFACTORY Kevin Keller - Dvija -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Kevin Keller Album - In Absentia [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2009 Genre - Contemporary-classic, Mod-classical, Minimal, Piano, Ambient [ SIMPLY THE BEST ] Tracklist 1 Stillness 4:16 2 Anticipation 3:59 3 Reflection 3:43 4 Exhilaration 3:45 5 Hope 4:14 6 Struggle 4:15 7 Absence 5:01 8 Acceptance 4:02 9 Peace 5:32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILEFACTORY Keving Keller - In Absentia -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Kevin Keller Album - Gathering Leaves [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2005 Genre - Contemporary-classic, Mod-classical, Minimal, Piano, Ambient [ SIMPLY THE BEST ] Tracklist 01 - Gathering Leaves 02 - Pale Unkempt Hours 03 - The Blossoms Of Change 04 - First Snow 05 - Arc Of The Pendulum 06 - Unharvested 07 - Lyra 08 - Acquainted With The Night 09 - A Star In A Stoneboat 10 - Goethe Park 11 - Distanced -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILEFACTORY Keving Keller - Gathering Leaves -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Kevin Keller Album - Pendulum [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 1999 Genre - Contemporary-classic, Mod-classical, Minimal, Piano, Ambient [ SIMPLY THE BEST ] Tracklist 01. Convergence 02. Arc of the Pendulum 03. Hall of Mirrors 04. Awakened 05. Invisible Rituals 06. Distanced -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILEFACTORY Kevin Keller - Pendulum -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Kevin Keller Album - The Mask of Memory [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 1994 Genre - Contemporary-classic, Mod-classical, Minimal, Piano, Ambient [ SIMPLY THE BEST ] Tracklist 01 The Vanishing Red 04:38 02 Pale Unkempt Hours Of Late Grey Afternoons Part One 02:40 03 Pale Unkempt Hours Of Late Grey Afternoons Part Two 06:49 04 Pale Unkempt Hours Of Late Grey Afternoons Part Three 09:37 05 Stormchasing Ione 03:10 06 Stormchasing Stratus 09:44 07 Stormchasing Goethe Park 03:38 08 Stormchasing Lost Hills 04:11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILEFACTORY Kevin Keller - The Mask of Memory -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Keller --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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