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* * * * * Absent Without Leave * * * * *

Absent Without Leave is the solo project of the 27 year-old George Mastrokostas, based in Athens, Greece. Recording everything himself in his home-studio, he creates a melancholic sound that covers a multitude of styles such as electronica, post-rock, shoegaze and ambient.

To date, he has released his music on labels such as distant noise [Uk], unlabel [Uk], chat blanc [Canada], duotone [Japan], bsbta [Denmark], fuzzy panda [USA], symbolic interaction [Japan], october man [Uk], friend of mine [Japan] and also on his own label sound in silence [Greece] and has collaborated for split releases with artists like port-royal, yellow6, kimonophonic, lope, doogie and cono norte 3.

He has played several gigs in Greece at various venues, including synch festival 2007 (among other artists like mum, !!!, front 242, fischerspooner, alexander hacke and many others), double-bill concerts with port-royal and millimetrik, support gigs for 65daysofstatic and section 25 (from legendary factory records) and has been personally invited by artists like piano magic, god is an astronaut, manyfingers and sigmatropic to open their concerts.

He has composed the soundtrack of the short film the crossroads (directed by Petros Sofikitis) and his music has been played on some of the best radio stations worldwide like BBC 6 Music, Resonance FM and others too.

< < < < < [ EDIT NOTE: 2011 Title [ 'Neath The Tumbling Stars ] Update ]. > > > > >

‘Neath The Tumbling stars opens with a title track which recalls bands such as Bedhead and their successor The New Year. A simple chord progression repeats at length without backing beat and this is joined by clean lead guitar. The artist’s decision to create an eleven minute track with such a repetitive refrain could have easily led to a strained listen but the patient ear will enjoy Mastrokostas’ excellent musicianship and unabating rhythm on a recording (the EP is mastered by 12k’s Taylor Deupree) which is both crystal clear and atmospheric.

Following number As The Leaves Fall From Trees steps away from the slowcore influences and toward a more unique melding of post-rock, ambient and elements of the artist’s own, to offer a melodic guitar piece. Mastrokostas uses simple melodies which are intricately arranged to form an airtight and harmony-rich framework. Saving the best until last, ‘neath The Tumbling Stars then closes with Calm Of The Sea, a piece which transcends its strong predecessors and produces another instrumental number, quite moving in its beauty.

‘neath The Tumbling Stars is an EP which promises much and happily delivers. From a good opening, Mastrokostas improves with each minute and when fully on form, he produces work of exceptional musicianship and rare quality. This goes a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Ambient ~ post-rock sound for fans of port-royal ~ Epic 45 and the likes fans. EXCELLENT LISTEN ALL THE WAY.

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Artist – Absent Without Leave
Album – ‘Neath The Tumbling Stars [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Ambient, Post-rock, Instrumental [ GET IT GET IT GET IT ]


01. Absent Without Leave – ‘neath The Tumbling Stars
02. Absent Without Leave – As The Leaves Fall From Trees
03. Absent Without Leave – Calm Of The Sea
Absent Without Leave – ‘Neath The Tumbling Stars

Artist – Absent Without Leave
Album – Faded Photographs
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Ambient


1 How the Winter Comes
2 Old Memory Tapes
3 Dreams and Hopes
4 Faded Photographs
5 Balloons in the Sky
6 Where the Birds Fly in Winter
7 Daydream Lullaby
8 Above the Trees
Absent Without Leave – Faded Photographs

Artist – Absent Without Leave
Album – Resound
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Instrumental, Ambient, Post-rock

1 Blue Vitriol 7:56
2 Aerolite 7:59
3 Pale Yellow 5:05
Absent Without Leave – Resound Password –

Artist – Absent Without Leave
Album – Bon Voyage
Release Date – 2006
Genre – Instrumental, Ambient, Post-rock

1 Valentine
2 Film the Silence
3 Clouds
4 Blind
5 Love Dissolves
6 Just Like Then
7 Memories
8 Magic Box
Absent Without Leave – Bon Voyage Password –

Artist – Absent Without Leave
Album – Postcards From Nowhere
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Instrumental, Ambient, Post-rock

1 Before the First Rain
2 These Days Are Cold
3 End of July
4 The Same Mistake
5 Sudden Change
6 25 Years
7 Following a Trembling Star
8 The First Rain
Absent Without Leave – Postcards From Nowhere Password –
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