Invisible Elephant

2014-03-14 11:29:23 UTC

Invisible Elephant is a UK based solo recording artist from Blackpool, based home Using guitars, vocals, percussion and environmental sounds and drawing influence from dream pop, folk, ambient drone and the writing of Haruki Murakami the sound veers from softly spoken melodic psychedelic folk to ethereal soundscapes and monolithic feedback. Invisible Elephant debut album 'The Lights Go Out' was released by Sonic Reverie Records in 2010 followed by 'Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea' in 2011 on Two Hands Music. ​'Speepwalking' is the latest album an is by far the band most prominent work to date .

Title: Sleepwalking Artwork By Diana Walles Mastered By Gonzo Mastering Release Date [ 17th March 2014 ] Release Type [ Cassette and Digital ] Edition Of 110 Distribution Chanel: [ BandCamp ] and [ Official Web Page ]

[ Sleepwalking ]. The elegance and charm “Sleepwalking” brings to the ear is evident, even in the pit of the abyss and the darkness of the underground, secret beauty of intruding ivy, unveil itself on the outer surface. As “Sleepwalking” dwells in silence and in despair, a narrow beam of light reflects admirably in between it’s charm and the reflection of elegance music.

Pristine as it is, the entire record is accompanied by some gentle crushing wave melody, slow-ambient unfolding in tranquillity and slow-developing beauty takes its form in colossal waves.”Sleepwalking” is the third releases by [ Invsible Elephant ] and it’s by far the most prominent work of “Rob”. The loudness / pitch is set to the most absolute perfect level, giving the sound an undeniable warmth.

Delving deeper and deeper in “Sleepwalking” the album disentangle flash lights sceneries that takes you to the past, beautiful past memories that flashes hazily and in the mist as it comes and fade in sequences. I’ve listened to this album over a dozen times and on each listen I’ve discovered a different melancholic memories. The atmosphere the album, unveil is typically fluorescent.

Sphere of ambience oscillates in slow motion and gently fade into the atmosphere while the vocals on the other hand, are masked as a soft and gentle rumble. The kind of music that drives you to say “Soft Scream” if that makes any sense. This record is amazingly gorgeous and it shines wholesomely with beauty. Six tracks, nearly forty minutes without any monotone moment, you are about to discover a hidden side of [ Invisible Elephant ].

I’ve waited almost four years to hear new materials from [ Invisible Elephant ]. While the wait on one hand was certainly long, by the same token the end result, however, delivers something truly spectacular and definitely, most definitely beyond my expectation. Top notch movements on “Sleepwalking” are Slow Wave, Never There and Drift, although I have to admit the whole record is simply epic. 2014 BEST SLOW-AMBIENT ALBUM. Stream the entire album if not get the record. This one is an ABSOLUTE MUST.

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300x300 cover Artist - Invisible Elephant Album - Sleepwalking [ 10 Out Of 10 ] Release Date - 2014 [ 17th MARCH ] Genre - Ambient, Slow-ambient, Soft-ambient, Slow-waves, Gentle-sound [ PHENOMENAL ] Tracklist 1. drift 06:13 2. from the bottom of a well [with maryliz guillemi] 03:34 3. slow wave 07:16 4. fugue state 10:09 5. never there 07:50 6. two moons [with maryliz guillemi] 04:27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invisible Elephant - Sleepwalking -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Invisible Elephant Album - Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Post-rock, Shoegaze, Experimental, Post-psychedelic [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 01 Commercial Appeal 02 Everything 03 Where is Home from Here- 04 Wish -Feat. Ryli- 05 When It's All Over 06 Room 208 07 Do You Believe- 08 Black Sound 09 Back in the Box -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invisible Elephant - Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Invisible Elephant Album - The Light Go Out [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Post-rock, Shoegaze, Experimental, Post-psychedelic [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 1. Communication (Part II) 05:11 2. You Can Have It All 05:09 3. Still Falling in the Net 05:05 4. Wind-Up Bird 03:47 5. Lost in the Woods 03:33 6. Time 04:22 7. Chasing a Ghost 01:54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invisible Elephant - The Light Go Out -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invisible Elephant 580 X 107 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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