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Opossaum is an instrumental rock band from Rimouski (Québec, Canada) formed in january 2009. Their eclectic musical blend is mostly inspired by post-rock and cinematographic genres. The band’s sound focuses on a constant research for distinctive moods and textured atmospheres. Every song has a complex structure, filled with dense energy and many layers of instruments, in which plenty of melodic, rhythmic and harmonic changes occur.

Opossaum gathers an impressive variety of instruments and sounds, trying to go beyond the usual rock band standard [ guitar/bass/drums ] by using violin, trumpet, clarinet, various percussions, sampling and programming, just to name a few.

Étienne Chénard: Violin, glockenspiel, trumpet, electronics
Philippe Daigle: Electric bass
Robert Auclair: Keyboards
Luc Truchon: Electric guitar
Jean-Raphaël Côté: Electric guitar, kalimba
Antoine Létourneau-Berger: Drums, percussion, vibraphone, clarinet, electric guitar, banjo
Unlike [ Talfast ] which is an absolute DIVINE electro experience, [ Opossaum ] is much more post-rock driven with loads of instruments, enough to give you the satisfaction of a mini-orchestra feel blend with swirling violin, haunting keys with distinctive moods and textured atmospheres. BRILLIANT sound all together.

NOTE: At this stage only 5 tracks are available as free download from this album. That said… check it out, get the free downloads, listen to the entire album, Purchase “if necessary” in this case. TOTALLY WORTHY and needless to say “Do Make Say Think” ~ “A Silver Mt. Zion” and the likes should find a great deal on enjoyment here.

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Artist – Opossaum
Album – À couvert
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Mini Orchestre, [ Spoken Lyrics ]


01. And it Became a Mountain (free) 05:32
02. Au jour levant 04:27
03. Le Loup (free) 03:15
04. Charlie 07:09
05. Latitude (free) 08:53
06. Longitude 05:26
07. À couvert 03:03
08. Quand la mort arrive (free) 06:36
09. Le vieux chêne 08:52
10. Canopée (free) 03:45
Opossaum – À couvert




Robert Auclair and Antoine Létourneau-Berger, two musicians from the instrumental rock band Opossaum, decided to start a duo named Talfast, determined to explore deeper electronic music.

Both using a controller keyboard and a laptop, they began playing together to experiment the possibilities of their tools. A few months later, Talfast’s musical esthetic was born. Their music appeared to be inventive, complex, motley, full of rich melodies, atmospheres, colored harmonies and trash-funky-distorted rhythms.

The duo can’t be classified into one single genre, because of their sound diversity that justifies the willingness to follow their constantly-changing musical mood. Talfast is somewhere between video games, ninjas, galaxies and Igor Stravinsky. Their electro influences include certainly Ratatat, Nine Inch Nails, Bonobo, The Glitch Mob, Murcof, Pantha du Prince, Akido, Amon Tobin, etc.

Throughout the process of composition, they kept in mind that their music had to be played on stage, which required considerable organization. After a year of work, they accumulated plenty of songs and are now releasing their first album, «La machination».

Released 15th April 2011
Graphic design and concept: Talfast
Composed, recorded and mixed by Talfast at «la Maison Chromatique» between february 2010 and february 2011.

BE PRPARED… this might take 2 or 3 listens before you can actually digest the sound fully, I mean I gave it a listen last night and I kinda liked it sound on the spot, again I heard this album early this am for the 2nd time and I found myself digging the concept of having to big synth’ plugged into two laptop and now I’m listening to it for the 3rd time and boy… these guys are AWESOME. SOLID ELECTRO AMBIENT with major varieties from soft to hardcore and simple to major complex keys. THIS IS A MUST but might take a couple of listen though. I don’t even which track to select for a preview. If you a [ Murcof ] ~ [ Standeck ] or [ Fuck Buttons ] fans then by all means DO NOT SKIP this entry. Probably one of this week top 10 on a ambient-electro note.

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Artist – Talfast
Album – La Machination [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Ambient, Electron’ Electro-core [ Unbelievable ]


01.The Firebird Overture 05:20
02.PoKloP 04:43
03.Robbin’ The Bank 03:37
04.Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde 04:33
05.La machination 06:13
06.Labyrinthe 03:49
07.Destroïevsky 06:37
08.Peanut 03:58
09.Kontra 03:16
10.When You’re Feeling Ninja 05:09
11.Grande Ourse 04:53
Talfast – La Machination

Recommendations: Standeck | Nubbin | Murcof | Fuck Buttons | Kashiwa Daisuke


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