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Kalouv Profile

Kalouv is a Brazilian instrumental music group formed in 2010 by Basílio Queiroz (bass), Bruno Saraiva (keyboard), Rennar Pires (drums), Saulo Mesquita (guitar) and Túlio Albuquerque (guitar). During these nearly four years of existence it has performed at important festivals like Play the Movie, Rock Cordel, Grito Rock and Festival Mundo. Also participate on shows at the cities of Natal and Maceió, plus several spaces in Recife, as UFPE Theatre, Vapor 48 and UK Pub.

The debut album, Sky Swimmer, had good reception with the national critics, appearing on some lists of the best albums of 2011 and with positive reviews in specialized Brazilian sites. The disc also resonated outside the country, being recognized as Record of the Week on American radio Fade to Yellow and reviewed by the British magazine Rock-a-Rolla. In addition, some Kalouv tracks have entered in the mixtapes Start Naming Names (Greece) and 6forty Project (USA).

Members Are:

Bruno Saraiva [ Keyboards ] Basílio Queiroz [ Bass ] Rennar Pires [ Drums ] Saullo Mesquita [ Guitars ] Túlio Albuquerque [ Guitars ]

[ SKY SWIMMER ] ~ Finishing a cycle initiated in January of 2011, the band releases his first official record, the disk Sky Swimmer. The work is shared freely by the net label Sinewave (www.sinewave.com.br), known by their constant support with many Brazilian experimental bands like S.O.M.A., Herod Layne, Elma, team.radio. , and many others.

Produced and mixed by the producer Diogo Guedes and mastered by Don Grossinger, who has a history of working with many huge projects, like Pink Floyd or Flaming Lips. The art is in the hands of the talented illustrator Ianah Maia. In 36 minutes – distributed in 7 tracks - , the listener can experience the same sensation of the central character in the cover, justifying the title Sky Swimmer, referring to the freedom of creation that this first work could provide.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < < < < < [ 2014 Title "Pluvero" ]. > > > > >

Little more than two years separate Pluvero, new album from the Brazilian instrumental band Kalouv, from its debut, Sky Swimmer. And this time says a lot about this work conception. Released in January 2014 by Sinewave, label known for distributing Brazil’s experimental music, this album reveals a band that is now looking to rediscover itself besides everything. If post-rock before was the starting point to define what the group did, here it is just one of the points from a ten chapter narrative.

Pluvero is about transformation. The album’s name, arising from the Esperanto word that can be translated as “rain’s drop”, looks to symbolize the permanent changing, where the small elements are relevant to construct the new. It is not a metaphor limited to this Kalouv’s work, but it describes the creation process as a whole, where transience is law. As said by Nietzsche, “Every moment devours the preceding one, every birth is the death of countless beings, procreating, living and murdering are all one”. And it is here that resides the new album concept.

Aware of the importance of the art to complement the title’s idea, Kalouv invited Fernando Moraes and Raone Ferreira, members of Imarginal, to illustrate this universe. The duo from Pernambuco has been recognized by its works performed by four hands, where the technical dashed and pointillism act as the starting point to the creation of illustrations extremely and with unique characteristics. These artists work are present in frames, walls, shirts, tattoos and now it also helps to visually represent the album, in a way that valorizes the little elements and use them to create a rich imaging universe.

Musically, Pluvero began to take shape in November 2012, at Fábrica Estúdios, a studio where were recorded the first takes from the bass and drums. Its development followed until October 2013, when the mastering process was ending at Medula – Música e Conteúdo. During this, the work was lead by Roberto Kramer, also a musician from the bands Team.Radio e Panda Eyes. Post-graduate in Audio Techniques and Musical Production by AESO – Barros Melo, he was responsible for producing, mixing, and mastering the album.

Another addition present in this album is the special guests. Six musicians from the most different strands contributed to the themes construction. The news came from the erudition present at the Felipe Vianna’s viola, to the syncopated samples of GA Barulhista – that in addition to his solo project is a member of the band Constantina. Completing the team the trumpet player Kevin Jock; Roberto Kramer, who recorded mandolin to a track; the singer Isadora Melo, who does the instrumental voice at Boa Sorte, Santiago, and Fernando Athayde, member of the duo Yeti, contributing with guitar noises.

All those elements working in together are the base of Pluvero. A second step resides in its perception by the listener. It is him who will choose which ways the music will go during the little more than fifty minutes of trip. As said in the old long plays released before the virtual era, it was conceived to be listened from the beginning to the end. And it is by following this musical narrative that the album’s intention becomes clear. From the gloomy noise cloud of Areno to the sweet and sad melody executed by piano and viola in Es Muβ Sein, one has to realize something beautiful and enigmatic in transformation, whichever form it takes.

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Kalouv - Pluvero Artist - Kalouv Album - Pluvero [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2014 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock, Multi-instrumental, Experimental, Low-end Jazz Tracklist 01. Areno 02:29 02. Namazu 04:03 03. Esquizo 02:30 04. Durango 08:03 05. Boa Sorte, Santiago 09:29 06. Altro 02:25 07. Algul Siento I 06:32 08. Limiar 02:02 09. Algul Siento II 10:36 10. Es muß Sein 03:32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kalouv - Pluvero -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Kalouv Album - Sky Swimmer [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 01. Agrippa 02. Beni 03. Zephyr 04. Sky Swimmer 05. Avec ...? 06. Resonance 07. Waves -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kalouv - SKy Swimmer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kalouv --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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