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2011-12-26 15:15:42 UTC

Primarily a concept album starting with a ten minute instrumental song, 'Movement One' using an Iranian Tar (precursor to all guitar type instruments) the melodies intertwined in the album lurch forward into a new style of Johnny Cash rip off called 'Dead Mans Shoes'. From there we go to 'Goodlove & The Dirty Plan' falling somewhere between Placebo & The Foo Fighters on a good day.

Track 4 named Fork (as in Fork in the road) subtely hinting about the changing times we live in right now with a 'best of riots' video as an optional visual treat. Cheekily enough track 5 sounds a bit like a 60's Kinks song, and at about 8 minutes long there's lots of slagging off going on under the bonnet of the happy musical bedsheets.

The next track 'Modern Design might hit a chord with 80's retro synth pop fans. It's quite simple but yet depressive neo Kraut Rock feel and Tearsy Fearsy into mould it into a fine winter track. A great video is avalable for this song too mimiking the very city it was made in. So on to 'Destiny', secluded like a musical hangover the withdrawn waves of sounds designed to pull you in, pound you softly, and then spit you out at the end.

Track 8 'Hotel Pellirocco' will make 90's Indie fans and Brighton mods rejoice, akin to Carter USM with the guitar lines of Graham Coxon from Blur. Next on to 'Cherry Bomb' the odd one out on the album with strangely modulating beats and heavy guitar riffs must be heard and not really written about. Quite Original!!

Then finally 'The Speaker' to head out the album. Guilmoresque style guitars lead off and a John Anderson like vocal style end the album with another 10 minute musical journey from the depths of the audio universe there for your pure enlightening entertainment........

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Originally concieved around 2007 named from the title track Nibiru. It is based around the idea that we live in a binary solar system with two suns, our sun and a brown dwarf. At the end of every era, as portrayed many ancient cultures and religions, a cataclysm befalls the planet, it is cleaned of everything and the cycle of life starts once again.

The world is awash with what could be called consipracy theories about ‘the end times’ as seemingly more disasters, social upheaval and rapid changes take place on our planet with incresing intensity every day. If we have found with technology such an object and it was heading straight for us, could we ever stop it? Many people now live in fear that something big is around the corner. Is it Nibiru the rogue brown dwarf star? The music is lies somewhere between experimental Indie, Glitchcore and Space Rock. At nearly 30 minutes long the opening song on the album gains in speed and intensity throughout, theatrical lyrical excerts are taken from ‘The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth’ known to the Alchemists, hidden knowledge and wisdom long regarded by scholars such as Aristotle, Isac Newton and Alexander The Great. Experimental analogue synths wash over guitars through many movements and passages creating a titanic marathon production of ‘Space Rock’ doomsday creation.

The other six tracks on the album, mix styles like Retro Pop and New Wave Punk. A video single Banyan Tree (Indie Rock), one film soundtrack Killing Disko (Post Punk) following more science fiction or maybe actual science facts that have come from alternative to mainstream thinking about the grandest forseen grizzly end to date. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And for a typical indie listen that will sure bring you back to early / mid nineties era. [ Black Rebel Motorcycle ] ~ [ The Dandy Warhols ] ~ [ The Brian Jonestown Massacre ] ~ [ The Warlocks ] and the likes might dig this one to bits.

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Artist - Paul Hayworth Album - Nibiru Release Date - 2011 Genre - Indie, Indie-pop, Alternative Tracklist 1. Nibiru 28:49 2. Banyan Tree 04:54 3. The Last Time 07:04 4. Hollow Moon 05:30 5. Magic Door 03:26 6. Killing Disko 04:05 7. The Passing 03:25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STREAM / PURCHASE Paul Hayworth - Nibiru -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Paul Hayworth Album - Goodlove & The Dirty Plan Release Date - 2011 Genre - Indie, Alternative, Indie-pop Tracklist 01. Movement One 11:41 02. Dead Mans Shoes 03:53 03. Goodlove 03:34 04. Fork 04:39 05. Whistle Test 07:34 06. Modern Design 04:36 07. Destiny 05:42 08. Hotel Pellirocco 04:04 09. Cherry Bomb 03:02 10. The Speaker 09:23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP ~ Paul Hayworth - Goodlove & The Dirty Plan FILEFACTORY ~ Paul Hayworth - Goodlove & The Dirty Plan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Burning Hearts ~ Stereolab ~ The Hylozoists ~ Blueprint ~ Encre -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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