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2013-03-29 13:27:57 UTC

Ryan Teague is a composer/producer working in the field of electro-acoustic composition. His music is an exploration of the possibilities between more traditional instrumentation, techniques and arrangements, combined with electronic treatments, sampling and manipulations.

His distinct musical style first came to light through his debut release Six Preludes on Type Records. The ideas developed in these initial experiments naturally evolved into his second release for Type Records Coins and Crosses which featured a 24 piece String Orchestra, confirming Teague’s ambitious musical style.

He has also toured and performed with The Mercurial Ensemble who perform challenging and engaging contemporary compositions in a live context. Ryan’s music has been used in various TV productions and has recieved extensive national radio play. Ryan is currently finishing his third album anticipated for a 2009 release.


Six Preludes (Type Records) Coins & Crosses (Type Records) Causeway (Sonic Pieces) Field Drawings (Village Green) Causeway (Sonic Pieces) Four Piano Studies (King Tree)

EDIT NOTE: 2011 title [ Causeway ] added. And here is an interesting read from [ FLUID RADIO ]. Immediate post-script: neo-classical outlet, pushing a neo-centric record. Sonic Pieces, its “7 Pieces” series flowing, now place Type’s Ryan Teague in their CD jigsaw, and it’s every bit as key to rebuilding your 2010 as fresh Spring rain.

Rewind to 1989. Julia Watson interviews Colin Thubron, travel writer, of his tales outside a Welsh cottage retreat. A nice quote: “It’s the things that have gone wrong that you return to, like a dog to a bone.” “Six Preludes”, Ryan’s second Type LP, lacked sketch; slightly holy. Certainly, young blood can be baptism of fire. Or at extremity, tearing enthusiasm, a Judas-e-Chariot Channel 5.

So, Sonic Pieces 011, your time. Leafcutter John, quite stylistic of Ryan’s “Causeway”. Plenty loops, subdued synopsis. That mandolin-ish, precision guitar. Bottled mandarin flavour, sweetly tangy. There’s positive message – unity is achievable. Monique’s first proper guitar offering; Ryan’s most consistent LP to date; a sign of the times; as well as time-lapsed religious acousmatic.

2006′s “Coins And Crosses”, knots “Undone”. Soft coos on that tune, Teague’s sleepy strum, sound for infant upbringings. While “Loopholes” tougher to penetrate - reminiscent of Rick Wakeman’s mate Gordon Giltrap. Rick blew minds at Rochester Cathedral, Kent not long ago. While Gordon cheekily mused of his travels at Alvescot Village Hall, Oxon. As I penned for Fluid last November, Teague (accompanied by G. Davis on sax) had “surprisingly effective” results in Cambridge’s church setting. Not long after, a great blog by The Wire’s Tony Herrington, part reluctant on the format. “…moving contemporary music into churches (…) an admittance to failure”, he said. Or, in another sentence: “…that the old guard have surrendered, so we may as well move right in alongside it.”

Noble propositions, but what for Sonic Pieces newbies? Duplicity, and many implications. First, we could think ‘classical’ is overpopulated – “let’s strip the slate to bare essentials”. Monique Recknagel’s cat – mightily minimal – Greg Haines, Nils Frahm and Erik K Skodvin best known. And then, all could perceive: “the water’s contaminated, best drink from other streams.” My swift duality is: don’t do either.

No “Singular” route for quiet men, as Thubron inferred, who trekked alone across the globe, Ryan later talking politely at the Unitarian in November. “Causeway” is still under 50 minutes, but, as with Haines, Frahm and ‘Pieces’ to come, it seems we’d been, or could, listen all decades ahead.- Review by Mick Buckingham for [ Fluid Radio ]

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Following the success of last years full length album Field Drawings, composer and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Teague offers up this contrasting EP of beautiful and poetic solo piano studies. Combining Minimalist, Impressionist and Romantic influences, Four Piano Studies conveys a modern take on an age-old format whilst still conveying a sense of real originality. Short and concise, these compositions performed by Semra Kurutaç (Piano Circus) strike an immediately haunting tone in the listener and provide another insight into the range and breadth of Ryan’s output.

Ryan Teague is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Bristol (UK). His music combines acoustic instrumentation and arrangements with electronic and processed material, the results of which incorporate Minimalism, Ambient and Electroacoustic music. Ryan has released music on labels such as Village Green, Sonic Pieces and Type Records, and he also produces music and sound design for various Film & TV productions.

Semra Kurutaç studied piano with Russell Brandon at the University of Wales, Cardiff and in July 2002 graduated with a Masters in Performance Studies. She is a member of the contemporary piano sextet Piano Circus who have released and performed music by Steve Reich, Brian Eno and Erkki-Sven Tüür amongst others. She is also a member of the piano duo duoDorT, and teaches actively across south-west England

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Ryan Teague - Four Piano Studies 2013 Artist - Ryan Teague Album - Four Piano Studies [ * * * * * ] X 10 Release Date - 2013 [ 22nd April ] Genre - Ambient, Instrumental, Mod-classical, Contemporary-classic [ NAILED IT / AWESOME / GOODLE IT ] Tracklist 01 - Piano Studies I 02 - Piano Studies II 03 - Piano Studies III 04 - Piano Studies IV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRE-ORDER Ryan Teague - Four Piano Studies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Ryan Teague Album - Field Drawings [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 20th FEB 2012 Genre - Ambient, Instrumental, Mod-classical, Contemporary-classic [ NAILED IT / AWESOME ] Tracklist 01. Shadow Play 02. Cadastral Survey 03. Cascades 04. Counter Turn 05. Games For Two 06. Prime Movers 07. Summary of the Article 08. Cell Cycle 09. Anesidora 10. Neo 11. Tetramery 12. Tableau III -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-order ~ Ryan Teague - Field Drawings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Artist - Ryan Teague Album - Causeway Release Date - 2011 Genre - Experimental, Ambient, Contemporary-classic, Dark-ambient, Minimal Tracklist 01 - Causeway 02 - High Knoll 03 - Undone 04 - Loophole 05 - Singular 06 - Reprise 07 - Loophole 08 - White Nights 09 - Potters House -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan Teague - Causeway -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ryan-teague-six-preludes Artist - Ryan Teague Album - Six Preludes Release Date - 2005 Genre - Experimental, Ambient, Contemporary-classic, Dark-ambient, Minimal Tracklist 1 Prelude I 5:39 2 Prelude II 4:16 3 Prelude III 5:11 4 Prelude IV 5:12 5 Prelude V 4:42 6 Prelude VI 7:19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan Teague - Six Preludes Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ryan-teague-coins-and-crosses Artist - Ryan Teague Album - Coins & Crosses Release Date - 2006 Genre - Experimental, Ambient, Contemporary-classic, Dark-ambient, Minimal Tracklist 01 - ryan teague - introit 02 - ryan teague - coins & crosses 03 - ryan teague - nephesch 04 - ryan teague - tableau i 05 - ryan teague - fantasia for strings 06 - ryan teague - accidia 07 - ryan teague - seven_keys 08 - ryan teague - tableau ii 09 - ryan teague - rounds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan Teague - Coins & Crosses Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roncatto Braathen ~ Esmerine ~ Steve Roden ~ Clogs ~ Bersarin Quartett --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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