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2012-02-06 10:00:19 UTC


Often the post rock associated with something dysicho the minimal to the point of indignation, the notes with a dropper and repetition as fundamental principle. It is now (and) a Greek band impressive, offering a different perspective of this kind, which is anyway so general as the label indicates.

Yes, Gravitysays_i slowly develop their themes with outbreaks, sporadic and function rather transitory. The orchestrations are not suffocated beneath many layers of sound. But, on the other hand, the melodies are dominant. Their songs are accessible and less familiar ear.. The compositions of the albums have something epic and sacred at the same time, but certainly will not wonder where the rock came from. The best simulation that I can pay personally, is that of [ Crippled Black Phoenix ] of Greece, since I like to approach music in a very similar way.

The two key ingredients at the outset give identity to their sound which is extremely choral. But this is a great word, and returning to Gravitysays_i to mention the atmosphere they create and which seem to excel, whether dark noisy soundscapes, melodic or acoustic guitar bridges and painted buttons adjacent to progressive rock.

The short duration of the album, but mostly dense and beautiful formations make the hearing pleasure. At the end of the year when we count the beans on who impressed us drive more this year from across the spectrum and from whatever origin of music, Gravitysays_i have already earned a nomination, and even more you are likely to list this one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s hard not to stare in open-mouthed amazement at the sheer brilliance of Gravitysays_i’s superbly executed, intensely creative and nearly flawless sophomore album, The Figures Of Enormous Grey And The Patterns Of Fraud. They bring together experimental, dark, atmospheric elements along with Greek and Eastern traditional music and examine social values, institutions and morality as an extension of individual, as well as collective, conscience with an emotional clarity and narrative acuity that makes it an undeniable triumph. And the same goes for the [ The Roughest Sea ].

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Artist - Gravitysays_i Album - The Roughest Sea Release Date - 2007 Genre - Post-rock, Orchestral, Experimental, Post-progressive [ BRILLIANT STUFF ] Tracklist 1 Gravity Says I 2 The Air 3 Egoist 4 Pairs 5 The Roughest Sea 6 Siamese 7 Intruders Are Here 8 Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear 9 Wicked Sky -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gravitysays_i - The Roughest Sea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Gravitysays_i Album - The Figures Of Enormous Grey And The Patterns Of Fraud [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Post-rock, Orchestral, Experimental, Post-progressive [ BRILLIANT STUFF ] Tracklist [ Part One ] 01 - The Patterns Of Fraud 02 - The Unshakeable Alibi 03 - Delusions Of Grandeur 04 - The "All Things Decay" Nebula 05 - The Finger Of Blame Tracklist [ Part Two ] 01 - The urge of identity 02 - The figures of enormous grey 03 - The paradox of youth 04 - The farewell letters -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gravitysays_i - The Figures Of Enormous Grey And The Patterns Of Fraud -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Belle Orchestre | Because Of Ghosts | The Stay Lows | Radical Face | Venice Is Sinking --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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