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2012-04-05 10:40:31 UTC

Fossil are an instrumental post-rock band from Brazil. In a time when the length of the songs created is determined by the dictatorship of the musical market and by the possibility for them to be played in radios, to surpass the barrier of 3 minutes seems to be something absurd. Contrary to the radio music format, Fossil tries to develop its music, investing in a lineal but varied musical structure, where they use effects in overlapped sound layers, resulting in a quality and inventive contemporary instrumental music.

[ Mocumentário ] is the name given to a type of film that is made ​​like a documentary, but actually a fictional story pussy. Throughout the process of writing this record, in choosing the name of the songs, discussing the arrangements and the development of each one we usually talk about images, about the weather that particular song is and what it refers. All those conversations that happen, is a bar table, between songs Durantes other tests or in a conversation any, occur spontaneously and eventually create (is) a story that will give color to the face and music in the form of arrangements, sounds, and dynamic combination of moments. The stories in this album for each song has a connection with each other, they have a journey, a life, a life story, a quest that maybe "just" a search for yourself. Whoever ... A traveler, a construction worker, a doctor or a reclusive writer. Life is a journey!

This album is a picture so faithful and spontaneous. It is like a collection of stories, where each track has a story / plot that develops, something that counts, describing feelings and sensations. They are adventures, ways of fate, "stories of life, death and love", "Aéropostale" name is a French company responsible for the first air routes between Europe and South America Around the twenties, coming from France, Spain , Strait of Gilbratar, Morocco, followed by Africa, to the nearest point on the northeastern coast, flew to Natal (RN) and down the coast of Brazil to Buenos Aires. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was Airman of the company. Some of these songs present in Mocumentário started from the battery taken Victor. "Secesso" is one of them and was also the first phase of the composition of fossil come to live in Sao Paulo. "Sheets" is so named because it reminds us of the weather beach dune (How Maranhenses or Dunes of Cumbuco) heat. At the same time we wanted a name that spoke of the couples, the warmth and love of couples. Thinking about it and wanting it all to express poetically, the idea of ​​having a text being read at a certain moment the music was pretty much consequence. The inspired words of Natércia Elisa Bridges in the interpretation of Porto (both are Ceará, currently living in SP) was the icing on the cake. Haiku is said that at the end of the song was invented by me.

"New Mass", this song was born in the same test sections to create "Secesso." There is another version of those two songs ("Secesso" and "New Mass") in a collection called dis1 . There they are recorded as a trio and we have not thought about re-record them. With the entry of Rodrigo, synthesizers deke was essential for us to put them in decidicemos Mocumentário . Another song originated from a beat Victor ("New Mass").

"Marrakech" is another song that brings a text Natércia the voice of Elisa. "My hair sand dance", this text is like a thought that surfing the head of the fisherman who navigates the sea listening to the sound of the wind to blow the family singing of a mermaid / nymph green seas, "heads to Marrakech" in the way back to the dunes of the Sahara, as the area that flies across the Atlantic to the dunes of the Northeast.

Enough for a child a Jeep, even without tires and without a dummy robot arm so that under the shade of a cashew happen as a great battle in Japanese series. It was the day of the indentor (November 4), we tava rehearsing, and then the Victor made a hit, Klaus put this down and Rodrigo invented that line, "The Inventor." "Trip Charm" is named for Daniel Groove is the third song on the record to bring a text (this time written by me and Natércia). It is the text that kind of gave the idea that some songs could bring a few words. A post-ballad-charm-trip on the night of mirth and peace.

"Esmeralda," I play always saying that she is the indie lips of honey. Esmeralda, which in Hindi means green stone. Jewel-colored sea of Ceará, metal deck, read a gentle tang of like swimming, diving mullet catch alligator, or just go to the boardwalk of PI (Iracema Beach) to walk. A little of the life of the traveler, some stories to tell. The Mocumentário is like a map, a maze of stories, songs that fork, everything leads us. The Mocumentário is the name of the new album from Fossil.

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Artist - Fóssil Album - Mocumentário Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock Tracklist 01. Aeropostale 02. Secesso 03. Sheets 04. New Mass 05. Marrakech 06. Inventor 07. Trip-Charm 08. Emerald -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fóssil - Mocumentário -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Fóssil Album - Desconforto Release Date - 2005 Genre - Instrumental Post-rock Tracklist 1 Cum-panere [Intriga de Tolos] 2 Algia 3 Prenúncio -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fóssil - Desconforto -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Fóssil Album - Walkmachine Release Date - 2006 Genre - Instrumental Post-rock Tracklist 1 Walkmachine 2 Le Territoire Foncé (live) 3 Desperto (live) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fóssil - Walkmachine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Fóssil Album - Insônia Release Date - 2008 Genre - Instrumenal, Post-rock Tracklist 1 Desperto 2 Eclipse 3 Walkmachine 4 Hipotermia 5 Algia 6 Dezpero 7 Le Territoire Foncé 8 Labirinto 9 Allein -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fóssil - Insônia Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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