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2012-04-16 14:20:31 UTC

Bleeding Heart Narrative are a seven-piece band, led by songwriter Oliver Barrett, who released the debut album ‘all that was missing we never had in the world’ in March 2008 on Tartaruga Records. The original limited edition version quickly sold out having garnered praise from various quarters.

[ This Octopus Is Going to Eat Your Face ] EP was made available as a free download on Distance Recordings in April 2009, and the collaborative 8-track EP Wire and String with Gosia Winter was released in August 2009 on Tartaruga. Tongue Tangled Hair, the second album from Bleeding Heart Narrative was released in September 2009, picking up Album of the Week on Norman Records, and positive reviews across the board.

[ Bison ] There’s something truly frustrating about a decent mini album. It’s of course a relief to hear that it holds up, or in some cases proves to be a genuinely impressive addition to a band’s release history, but this in itself creates an exasperated disdain for the fact that before you’ve had your fill, it’s over. It’s both a blessing and a curse, and for Bleeding Heart Narrative‘s recent five-tracker, Bison, it couldn’t be more applicable.

As a band that have never shied away from the tried-and-tested “start quiet, get louder” method, it’s easy to expect more of the same hazy ambience and hallucinatory soundscapes as they follow 2009′s Tongue Tangled Hair, their second full-length album. Bison, however, is something of an evolution. The inventively titled ‘HAL Passes The Turing Test’ features enormous stylistic nods towards the more Foals side of indie in its firmly plucked guitar snippets, accompanied by deliciously staggered drums and some of the most vast and fierce string orchestration you are likely to find on a modern release. This utterly astounding track stands out not just on the EP but from the band’s entire back catalogue, and could quite possibly be considered one of the best songs of the year.

Move on and the tone changes dramatically, with ‘Mysterious Cults’ showing Bleeding Heart Narrative’s penchant for a blend of heart-rendingly thick, string-laden ambience and catchy vocal hooks, draped artfully over the savage-like beating of what sounds like a few dozen drums. Whether intentionally or not, there is a substantial echoing of Arcade Fire in this track, although this far from detracts from its appeal. In a manner that very few bands manage, Bleeding Heart Narrative’s strings sound absolutely personal to them and not for a second like hired hands, which, when coupled with the heavily folk-influenced vocals, is arguably what makes them the unique collective they are. ‘Not The Bees My Eyes’ closes the mini-album beautifully calmly after the ethereal aura of ‘Ghost Cats Disappear Into The Night’, as soft melodies are cooed over harmonious beeping and raindrop-like percussion. It’s surprisingly nice to realise, as the warm strings gracefully slide in to take control of the electronic groundwork, that the unobtrusive indie loveliness of opening track ‘Shoals’ seems a distant memory; proving just how brilliantly diverse a five-track EP can be when its creators are truly inventive and unwilling to settle for even an ounce of filler.

[ All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World ] Reissue of the stunning debut BHN album from spring 2008 [ Ltd x 200 ]. Working with a constantly evolving autumnal orchestra of layered cellos, repeating piano melodies, hushed vocals and mutant textures of sound and noise, Bleeding Heart Narrative has constructed a unique, haunting and compelling album. BHN is the work of sole composer, artist and producer Oliver Barrett, working in the live spectrum as a septet. Presented in a digipak with the new and exclusive bonus track 'Blueskywards'. We can't recommend this highly enough!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < < < < < [ EDIT NOTE: 2009 Collab' With "Gosia Winter" [ Wire and String ] Update ]. > > > > >

This is a collaboration between Bleeding Heart Narrative and Gosia Winter. All the tracks were constructed without the two musicians ever having met; exchanging ideas, sounds, and files back and forth across the continents. The eight tracks span the range from fractured pop to off-kilter folk, with both artists playing a wide variety of instruments, including harp, cello, kalimba, piano and assorted percussion, and both contributing vocals. A beautifully crafted set of songs, we really can't recommend this highly enough. Fans of the first Bleeding Heart Narrative album will want to check this out, and we think it will attract many new converts also.

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Artist - Bleeding Heart Narrative & Gosia Winter Album - Wire And String Release Date - 2009 Genre - Experimental, Post-rock, Mod-classical / Mini Orchestre / Orchestral like, Cello [ ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ] Tracklist 1. Willingly 03:36 2. Right Moon 03:02 3. Firefly 03:14 4. Amen Oh My 03:38 5. Don't Fight for the Ground You've Already Won 04:22 6. As Requested 03:23 7. Auto Moro 04:38 8. Fixed Stars 03:58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bleeding Heart Narrative & Gosia Winter – Wire And String -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Bleeding Heart Narrative Album - All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World Release Date - 2008 Genre - Experimental, Post-rock, Mod-classical / Mini Orchestre / Orchestral like, Cello [ ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ] Tracklist 01 BHN 02 As If Yearning Was All and More Than Enough 03 Black Glass 04 Braids and a Necklace 05 A Nest 06 This Is the World Before This Is 07 Discovering Abandoned Houses 08 Nothing Is Out in the Yard 09 Though Your Feet Have Left Footprints 10 Finding the Door 11 Lillian Gish -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bleeding Heart Narrative - All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: The lickets | Portland Cello Project | Theta Naught | Surface Of Atlantic | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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