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2012-04-26 13:45:55 UTC

[ Mute Words ] ~ Constructed as an oneiric journey through the Unconscious, Mute Words explores the delicate boundary between thoughts and words, a boundary seen through a diaphanous veil that slowly reveal the difficulty to condense elusive emotions into tangible expression. Processed field recordings and fragile drones, augmented at times by dusty pianos or playful met-allophones, are all part of a diminutive sonic palette that ebbs and flows on the surface of fragile songs, evoking the hazy memories of forgotten dreams and their shadowy meaning.

Guest vocals, courtesy of Barbara de Dominicis, Michelle Seaman and Alicia Merz, are brought in almost imperceptibly, adding further dimension to the floating and ephemeral drone works. Often understated and always deeply personal, Leonardo Rosado’s music is a listening mirror that reflects the inescapable human fragility.

Eight tracks, as eight versions of a story that has yet to be fully revealed. Eight poems, as eight different ways of finding the words to express the impossible. Mute Words is the first release on Heart and Soul, Leonardo Rosado’s new imprint, and is quite possibly his most ambitious project to date - a project of expansive beauty.

[ Allegories ] ~ is a collection of music and poetry composed over the past year in an effort to change stories of pain and fear into stories of grace. Inspired by the elegant movements of animals, birds, and insects, this collection hopes to charm, and sometimes challenge, the listener. [ __Michelle Seaman ]

"You can only really compare the voice to a good single malt; its silky brilliance and complexity, the music to the kind of smoke you used to see in a jazz club; a kind of wispy grey/blue, spiraling out of sight. It's not often you come across such a good match but when you do, there's no option but to stop and pay attention. It might be manipulated sound and poetry, it might just be a good cup of coffee and a cigarette.

Either way, both sit together perfectly, and it's never just the pairing of the two that makes it work. The collision of sound and poetry are only two ingredients in the mix. Like hydrogen and oxygen it's not just the two together - there's something else there; maybe even imagined - but it's still there. Down and up, the pelican and the girl, the peacock and the kitty, not quite the dolphin and the monkey, precision and imprecision, Fred and Ginger. Pairs. Equals. Complimenting but shifting. You know how it is; there are no words. You might say a pas de deux, you might say in harmony. It doesn't matter what you'd say; just listen and enjoy.” [ __Jon Monk, February 2012 ]

[ Soaking Wet ] ~ Leonardo Rosado’s main musical focus explores the collision between sound, poetry and everyday life by using automatic expressions what he likes to call – word/soundscapes. The construction of his music pieces expose daily life happenings that are individual and at the same time universal: it has a strong sense of suggesting a pause to think about our actions and our surroundings. Words and sounds have different meanings, depending on the listener, but only if s/he takes some time to delve into the complexity of his or her own stimuli.

[ Dear and Unfamiliar ] ~ It’s late, but the temperature outside seems not to have dropped. Sounds cling like a layer of sweat, smother like a blanket, stick like dust. You listen, still but not relaxed. Lazy, but not comfortably so. Sliding through an almost intolerable heat. Drowsy but agitated at the same time. There’s no way you’re getting to sleep on such a humid night.

You are in India, or Indonesia, or somewhere in South-East Asia at least, somewhere hot. And humid. You thought the warmth would be pleasant after another cold northern European winter. It is not. Yet, it’s not exactly unpleasant either – that’s not the right word for it. More like: simultaneously sweet and unsettling. A languid state of emergency; a slow alert. You cannot move for all the solid weight of air pressing down on you. And yet, you cannot sit still.

Perhaps this goes some way towards explaining the classical Indian drone – constant movement without moving anywhere, a huge cloud of energy that seems to melt time even as it sharpens it… Perhaps such music could not have been developed without the state of highly agitated slowness that intense humidity brings. There are hints of classical Indian drone in the music you are listening to now – more classical than those European and American ambient soundscapes that often lay claim to the name ‘drone’. And yet there is a woman’s voice, she sings about Paris and lullabies and kisses, not in Hindi nor Brajbhasha but in English. The voice hangs heavy over fuzzy guitars, synths and manipulated acoustics like a heat haze over the horizon. The lush, warm sounds leave you unsettled and disarmed. They are as vague and intense as a dream, and they will not let you rest easy. “Dear and Unfamiliar” would seem a strikingly appropriate title.

Birds of Passage is a psuedonym of New Zealand musician Alicia Merz. For “Dear and Unfamiliar” she has collaborated with Portugal’s Leonardo Rosado, and together they have created an album of dense, unsettling beauty. The release will be available in CD, LP and digital editions from Denovali Records, with equally beautiful artwork by Bruce Merz and mastering from Nils Frahm. If you want your music to do more than just soothe or distract, “Dear and Unfamiliar” has more than enough internal tensions and innovations to keep you listening from start to finish. [ __Nathan Thomas for Fluid Radio ].

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Artist - Subterminal (aka) Leonardo Rosado Album - Bitstream Release Date - 2010 Genre - Experimental-drone, Dronology, Minimal-drone, Abstract-drone, Minimal-ambient [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 01 • With You 02 • We Are 03 • No More 04 • Without Each Other 05 • Simultaneously 06 • I Float 07 • Filled With Light 08 • Embracing You 09 • For The Last Time 10 • For The First Time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOAD ~ Subterminal (aka) Leonardo Rosado - Bitstream -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Leornado Rosado Album - Dream On Release Date - 2011 Genre - Experimental-drone, Dronology, Minimal-drone, Abstract-drone, Minimal-ambient [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 1. Rebuilding The Dream 03:42 2. Dream On 03:33 3. Wiped Out 02:41 4. Sleepless Murmur 04:57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PURCHASE ~ Leornado Rosado - Dream On FREE DOWNLOAD ~ Leornado Rosado - Dream On -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Leornado Rosado Album - Opaque Glitter Release Date - 2011 Genre - Experimental-drone, Dronology, Minimal-drone, Abstract-drone, Minimal-ambient [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 1. Leaving and staying 03:52 2. Scratching the surface 06:13 3. Amidst the crowd a love story 04:42 4. For a moment there 03:31 5. Dancing and falling 05:32 6. It ends here 06:13 7. The wind blowing in my face 03:31 8. Soft like leaves falling 05:25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOAD OR NAME YOUR PRICE ~ Leornado Rosado - Opaque Glitter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Adam Williams and Leornado Rosado Album - Take This Longing Release Date - 2011 Genre - Experimental-drone, Dronology, Minimal-drone, Abstract-drone, Minimal-ambient [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 01 - To Begin 02 - Ethos 03 - A Sudden Loss of Meaning I 04 - What Has Gone is Lost Forever 05 - A Sudden Loss of Meaning II 06 - A Lifetime Spent Together 07 - Take This Longing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOAD ~ Adams Williams and Leornado Rosado - Take This Longing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Birds Of Passage + Leonardo Rosado Album - Dear and Unfamiliar [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Experimental-drone, Dronology, Minimal-drone, Abstract-drone, Minimal-ambient [ AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME / DRONE + VOXS ] Tracklist 01. Dear and unfamiliar (03:16) 02. Here's lookin' at you, kid (02:59) 03. You wore blue (05:02) 04. We'll always have Paris (05:01) 05. A kiss is just a kiss (03:58) 06. Of your charm (04:05) 07. To wander slow with me (04:51) 08. Your lullabies (04:42) 09. I wonder if you sing it now (03:58) 10. Endings and beginnings part (05:12) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birds Of Passage - Dear and Unfamiliar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Leonardo Rosado Album - Soaking Wet Release Date - 2011 Genre - Experimental-drone, Dronology, Minimal-drone, Abstract-drone, Minimal-ambient [ AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME ] Tracklist 01 Leonardo Rosado - Soaking Wet - Imaging You Walk Through My Doorway 02 Leonardo Rosado - Soaking Wet - Soaking Wet 03 Leonardo Rosado - Soaking Wet - Empty Sorrows And Cheap Cafes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOAD ~ Leonardo Rosado - Soaking Wet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - The Dwindlers Album - Allegories [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Experimental, Jazz [ With Spoken and Singing Lyrics / EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 1. Monkey 02:18 2. How the Ostrich became a Girl and her Bicycle 04:12 3. Dolphin 05:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stream ~ The Dwindlers - Allegories Pre-order ~ The Dwindlers - Allegories -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Leonardo Rosado Album - Mute Words [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Experimental-drone, Dronology, Minimal-drone, Abstract-drone, Minimal-ambient [ AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME ] Tracklist Heart and Soul publisher - Mute Words - 01 Quietness unfolding Heart and Soul publisher - Mute Words - 02 How inbetween came to be Heart and Soul publisher - Mute Words - 03 At the intersection Heart and Soul publisher - Mute Words - 04 The study of doubt Heart and Soul publisher - Mute Words - 05 Unfinished sympathy Heart and Soul publisher - Mute Words - 06 Dust in the air Heart and Soul publisher - Mute Words - 07 Sustaining silence Heart and Soul publisher - Mute Words - 08 Out of pure kindness -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pro-orders ~ Leonardo Rosado - Mute Words -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Astrobirte | JJ | ELUVIUM | Deaf Center | Nadja | Implodes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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