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2012-05-25 10:45:51 UTC

La Biblioteca Deserta is a cathedral of emotions, where sound and silence come to life, originated by phantom words. The musical project starts during 2006, when five young composers [ all born between 1986 and 1988 ] unite, glued together by their will to communicate through music.

These are the premises for their brave choice to venture into an instrumental post-rock, which combines Mediterranean sounds with North European atmospheres eg. [ Mogwai ] ~ [ Sigur Ròs ] ~ [ Muse ] ~ [ Coldplay ] heading towards a very dynamic experience, sumptuous crescendos and mighty explosions.

The band soon delivers their first efforts, which are met by both critical success and positive feedback by the general public, with several positive reviews on various specialized music web magazines, all around the world (as far as Japan and China). Constant live touring helps to band to perform in many important venues all around Italy, supporting various national and international artists, such as Marta sui Tubi, Ministri, APSE, Eric Chenaux. They also take part in many important music contests and festivals: Festa Europea Della Musica, Souni a sud-est (vincitori nell’edizione 2008), Planet of Sound, Biennale Dei Giovan i Artisti Europei, Laguna Street Festival, Saint Rock Festival, Music Festa, MEI, Italia Wave, Tour Music Fest, Fiera Della Musica, Cime Di Rock, No Day.

After being noticed by the music magazine "Rock Star", which features their song "Dalla Terra alla Luna" in their November 2009 issue, together with works from other important artists such as Teatro degli Orrori, Dente, Le Luci della Centrale El ettrica and many other indie acts, the band issues their first full length album, "Travelling without gravity", produced by the independent record label Faro Records, released on December 21st, 2009. The album has been mixed at Itaca Recording Studios by Mirko Patella, who has worked for Amari, La Fame di Camilla, Leitmotiv.

The adventure has just started. [ La Biblioteca Deserta ] Member Are:

Francesco Palmitessa Adriano Petrosillo Frediano Muolo Fabrizio Corbacio Massimo Nicosia (componente a vita)

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And yet another awesome brand new release by [ La Biblioteca Deserta ] and I must admit as post-rockish as " Ever Pride, Ever Power, Ever Peace " gets the band also explores other avenues merging some solid post-electronic elements with a strick Math(y) attitudes all together. You can say this is more of a [ 65DOS ] type of blend with instant riffing and that turns out to be absolutely phenomenal. My advice... GET ON IT STRAIGHT AWAY and don't look back lads.

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Artist - La Biblioteca Deserta Album - Ever Pride, Ever Power, Ever Peace [ * * * * * ] X 5 Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock, Post-electronica, Math-rock [ GET IT RIGHT NOW / BEST ALBUM ] Tracklist 1.  Fragile 03:10 2. Troubled kids 06:07 3. Falter falter 03:21 4. Adaptive memory 06:29 5. Cage 05:25 6. We were the future 06:09 7. Ever glory 02:15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIAFIRE ~ La Biblioteca Deserta - Ever Pride, Ever Power, Ever Peace BANDCAMP STREAM + NAME YOUR PRICE La Biblioteca Deserta - Ever Pride, Ever Power, Ever Peace -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - La Biblioteca Deserta Album - Travelling Without Gravity Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ BEAUTIFUL / CHECK IT OUT ] Tracklist 1. Il motivo del giorno 6.45 2. The juggernaut 6.38 3. Dalla terra alla luna 5.54 4. Fuochi artificiali 11.39 5. When removed, the impression remains 7.00 6. Verso Casa 8.06 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOAD ~ La Biblioteca Deserta - Travelling Without Gravity -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - La Biblioteca Deserta Album - La Biblioteca Deserta Release Date - 2008 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ BEAUTIFUL / CHECK IT OUT ] Tracklist 1. Dalla Terra Alla Luna 2. The Juggernaut 3. When removed, the impression remains 4. Fuochi Artificiali 5. La Città Sulle Nuvole -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOAD ~ La Biblioteca Deserta - La Biblioteca Deserta -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - La Biblioteca Deserta Album - La Biblioteca Deserta [ EP ] Release Date - 2007 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ BEAUTIFUL / CHECK IT OUT ] Tracklist 1. Insonne, senza sogni senza fine, cammina 2. Micheal will never change 3. Nessuno vola intorno al sole 4. Il fabbricante d'ali -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOAD ~ La Biblioteca Deserta - La Biblioteca Deserta [ EP ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Deepset ~ …Of Sinking Ships - …Of Sinking Ships ~ Last Vote ~ La Vérité ~ Wood and Wires -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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