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* * * * * Tan Frío el Verano – Primavera * * * * *

Spring is known as the season of birth and growth, the beginning of the cycle of life. Spring is an entity. Spring is a story. A new story told in an infinite and universal way, developed so those who dare to take this trip will be completely wrapped in this experience. 10 songs and 16 locations in time and space, familiar sounds, strong compositions, sweet melodies, lullabies and war songs, get together to ambient the trip they take with Primavera (Spring) to find the truth, the origins and the end.

Primavera becomes the first long play production with exclusive music from Tan Frio el Verano and their fourth production. There’s 10 new songs in it, including “Yo Recuerdo” – composed by Rafael Garcia and Pedro Romero- which serves as a soundtrack for the short documentary finished last year by Luis Herrera, member of the Collective. The listener is welcomed to the story by “2208 horas en un Segundo” and “Once promesas despues de Invierno”, along with the “Intro”. Other songs, known by their live presentations, such as “Sensenia”, “Un Ocaso Perdido”, “Se miraron y fueron historia”, “Niebla, barco, pajaros…” and “Creamos la violencia”, the only one that has vocals, are also included.

The physical version of Primavera, comes with a DVD for everyone to enjoy a unique collection of published and unpublished material from Tan Frio el Verano: live pictures, their complete discography and the documentary “Yo Recuerdo”, winner of Honorable Mention at the 7th Festival of Short Films in Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

The graphic arts are always an important part of the process for Tan Frio el Verano and this time, it was translated into a graphic novel that also comes with the CD-DVD edition and completes in an absolute way through specific times and places the whole audiovisual experience that is this deep trip called Primavera. The final step in this journey is represented by a teaser trailer to promote the arrival of this new production –Direction: Luis Herrera. Music: Rafael Garcia- made in a way so everyone would have their own ideas of what to expect from Primavera.


[ Primavera ] ~ For those who run a blog, label or a musical website I am sure you’d agree that there are an ocean full of excellent music out there but every once in a while you stumble upon something that is just out of the ordinary, enticing and totally way above the average. For me in this particular case it’s the album [ Primavera ] by “Tal Frio El Verano”.

The track on this album is nothing but a selection of beauty by the artist. From the intro which instantly catches your attention with diverse melodies a la [ Alfemir ] and [ Sigur Ros ] the album gently flows in rich and intensive layers of ambient-noise, echoes and play rhythmically off one another ensuring refined electronic and ambient delicacy is applied across the entire album.

[ Primavera ] is more of a marathon where each track respectfully introduces the other with a thoughtful sequence. While this title predominantly target ambient listeners it also pertains endless electronic beat which works out wonders as it flows seamlessly to your subconscious with tiny colours and images. In a nutshell [ Primavera ] is a release that is fully devoted to delicate ambient, extraordinary tender sound and an entire world of electronic beat which are usually hard to decipher. At a first listen you may think [ background music ] but as you go deeper and deeper ( and believe me you will ) it reveals a whole wealth of electronic sound. [ __TheSirensSound “10 out of 10″ ].

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Artist – Tan Frío el Verano
Album – Primavera [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Ambient, Post-rock, Experimetnal [ BE SURE TO GET IT ]


01. Intro 02:57
02. 2208 horas en un segundo 05:16
03. Once promesas después de Invierno 05:21
04. Se miraron y fueron historia 02:18
05. Un ocaso perdido 03:43
06. Sensenia 06:12
07. Con las manos llenas de fuego 08:21
08. Yo Recuerdo 05:08
09. Niebla, barco, pajaros… 09:52
10. Creamos la violencia 07:28
Tan Frío el Verano – Primavera

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