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2012-06-08 12:22:58 UTC

Winners of the German Record Critics’ Award and the biggest surprise of the 2006 Berlin Jazz Festival, the main goal of the radio.string.quartet.vienna is to transfer the power and the energy, which characterize the original recordings of the Mahavishnu Orchestra from the 70s into our decade.

Content-wise, John McLaughlin's compositions remain what they are, so does the dedicated and uncompromising way of playing. However, shape and appearance are presented in a new way by this classical and historically important ensemble type and the compositions become accessible to a much larger audience, which is what this powerful and influential music deserves. This is not simply "playing it again", but an overdue and loving new interpretation, justified by the fascination of the original music. The arrangements of John McLaughlin’s 1970’s compositions touch a nerve with many former Mahavishnu-fans.

The Viennese conceptualists go to the very limits of the dynamic range, the colour palette and demonstrate a profusion of nuance that imparts breadth and spirituality on the rough and energetic originals. Everything began in the year 2000, when Austrian composer/accordionist Klaus Paier asked Bernie Mallinger to put together a string quartet for his CD Moviemento. The CD was nominated for the Amadeus Award and the moviemento string quartet develops a vigorous life of its own. Thus the radio.string.quartet.vienna was created.

Bernie Mallinger has been a freelancer on the Austrian music scene since 1997, an active band-leader, composer, arranger, and an in demand side-man and teacher. Asja Valcic graduated as a classical cellist in Zagreb aged 18, has been touring since then as a member of international orchestras and a highly sought-after soloist.

Johannes Dickbauer studied classically in Salzburg and Vienna and he is currently adding the finishing touches at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia). Cynthia Liao, from Taipei (Taiwan), has adopted Vienna as her new home-town. The temperamental violist was principle viola in numerous international orchestras and opera houses before she discovered her affection for the radio.string.quartet.vienna. She brings humour and charm to her role of communicating between the registers: This music needs a tremendous energy on stage. This is something which is a constant challenge for the quartet, and makes working together an exciting experience on the borderlines of styles and cultures. A welcome relief from the yearlong Mozart-marathon: Vienna, the European capital of music, is finally transmitting a new and vital heartbeat: The radio.string.quartet.vienna keeps a rich tradition alive in a refreshingly unconventional way.

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Artist - Radio.String.Quartet.Vienna Album - Celebrating the Mahavishnu Orchestra Release Date - 2007 Genre - Instrumental, Contemporary-classic, Violin, Experimental [ AWESOME / GET BOTH ] Tracklist 01 Open Country Joy 3:53 02 A Lotus on Irish Stream 6:15 03 Vital Transformation 4:51 04 The Dance of Maya 6:31 05 Dawn 4:59 06 Dream 5:03 07 Thousand Island Park 3:01 08 Meeting of the Spirits 5:29 09 Celestial Terrestrial Commuters 4:56 10 Hope 1:44 11 Birds of Fire 4:56 12 You Know, You Know 5:09 13 Sanctuary 6:47 14 Resolution 2:31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Radio.String.Quartet.Vienna - Celebrating the Mahavishnu Orchestra -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Radio.String.Quartet.Vienna Album - Radiodream Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumental, Contemporary-classic, Violin, Experimental [ AWESOME / GET BOTH ] Tracklist 01. Inception (Mallinger/Valcic) 02. Song-Ode an den Freud (Mallinger/Dickbauer) 03. Liebestraum (Liszt) 04. ITraffic To The Dolphin (Mallinger) 05. Nice Dream (Yorke/C.&J.Greenwood/O‘Brien/Selway) 06. Strange Fruit (Meeropol) 07. Streets.... (Mallinger) 08. ....Of Memories (Mallinger) 09. Moon River (Mancini) 10. One Night In Vienna (Valcic) 11. Saint Paul‘s Nightmare (Martin Koller Remix) (Mallinger) 12.Lonely Night (Valcic) 13.Dream Caused By The Flight Of A Bee Around A Pomgranate A Second Before Awakening (Mallinger) 14. Extraction/I Loves You, Porgy (r.s.q.v./Gershwin) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Radio.String.Quartet.Vienna - Radiodream -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Balmorhea | Ben Woods | Phillip Glass | Clem Leek | Remember Remember -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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