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2012-06-11 11:00:02 UTC

Avrocar hail from the city of Birmingham, UK. They have received airplay and recorded a session for the late John Peel and have also been featured by Mary-Anne Hobbes and Rob Da Bank of BBC Radio 1. Avrocar have released records since the mid 1990’s and are part of the truly independent UK label collective Make Mine Music, who are heading towards their 50th release in autumn 2008.

What follows is an account of the recording of the new album by mentor and long-time confidant Lew Monick - “I suppose at the end of recording the concept had become clear…even though it wasn’t something the band had thought about consciously at the time. There was a realization that they had unwittingly evoked the constant passing of day into night and night into day. N

o surprise when considering that the recording took place in a small loft in near darkness and very often on into the early hours of morning. In making this album, Avrocar had willfully removed themselves from the usual machinations of recording, isolating themselves, so to speak, from people and places they would normally encounter. It was like being a part of something and yet being apart from the very same thing. The resulting sounds were softer somehow and the way the band had worked, less regimented than before, whether by luck or by design, the process and the music felt more organic.

All the samples heard are taken directly from radio, many fortunately working with almost finished pieces that just needed that extra something. They came up with many tracks that sounded, to my ears anyway, like shortwave transmissions bleeding through the airwaves from bleak or exotic locales in Eastern Europe or North Africa. Along with the occasional human voice and the daily coaxing of archaic musical machinery back to working order, “Against the dying of the Light” is often reminiscent of the early work of Kraftwerk.

At other times, I guess the listener may recall Stars of the Lid or even the more esoteric releases of Fax Records. Whatever you hear in the rocket’s red glare of Avrocar’s latest release, this is music best enjoyed in a darkened room or outside at night, at high volume.” Lew Monick, Feb 2008.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT NOTE: 2009 Title [ Against The Dying Of The Light ] added. Quote From Norman Rec' - You know when you hear one of those records that sounds incredibly familiar although you know you've never actually heard it before. Not in a way that it sounds derivative or uninventive but you could have heard it in a previous life or in a dream? Well Avrocar's latest album on Make Mine Music has had precisely that effect on me.

I find the electronic sounds brilliantly vivid and I feel like they give me an insight into the creators' vision/ world. You can almost feel yourself hovering above the music. The album is a sublime deep listening experience with evolving ambient textures and superb organic sounds.

It's one of those albums that if it is within your palette will evoke hidden emotions in you. A real stirring set of tracks, wonderfully sequenced with the odd synthetic vocal narrative pulling them together. Lush bedroom electronics which will stir up things inside you, you never knew you had. Sweet stuff on Make Mine Music.

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Artist - Avrocar Album - Against The Dying Of The Light [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2009 Genre - Ambient, Drone, Post-rock, Dark-ambient [ EPIC EPIC EPIC ] Tracklist 01 Rayleigh Scattering 02 Iac 03 Ultra Bronte 04 Our World Is Their Heaven 05 Dialogue 06 Illustrate a Way to Survive 07 Against The Dying Of The Light 08 Soft Lightning 09 Element Library. Visual Deep 10 Near Water 11 Forst Zinna 12 From an Adjacent Field -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avrocar - Against The Dying Of The Light -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Avrocar Album - Cinematography [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2008 Genre - Ambient, Drone, Post-rock, Dark-ambient [ EXCELLENT SOUND ] Tracklist 1 Fega 6:07 2 Real Time 3:29 3 Dark Eye Collector 6:01 4 Ueno 5:59 5 Display 3:27 6 Recoil 5:35 7 Surface 3:05 8 Amplify 7:03 9 Cathode and Cello'd 10:10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avrocar - Cinematography -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: The Aloof | July Skies | Aesthesys | Matryoshka --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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