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2014-03-18 11:07:54 UTC

The sixth release from Tel Aviv’s False Industries sees a new mini-album from Maps and Diagrams entitled ‘Delius’ available in digital only format… Tim Martin has been releasing under the Maps and Diagrams moniker for a good ten years now, and he’s showing no sign of losing steam with this latest on the False Industries label.

A far cry from the percussive crunchiness of his earlier material, ‘Delius’ is as cool and glassy as a Fox’s Glacier mint, and probably more refreshing too. There’s a fuzzy analogue glow to Martin’s recordings, and ‘Delius’ shows this off better than ever – even in the coldest, most cavernous moments you get the sense that Martin may have bounced everything to tape just to round off those harsh edges a little.

There’s plenty of ‘ambient’ music around right now, but this is one of those rare albums that does more than enough to make you forget the term basically means you shouldn’t be paying attention. Martin’s got enough tension and even noisiness ( check the odd tumble of ‘Child of the Cavern’ ) to keep you coming back for more again and again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Martin often roughens the smooth sheen of his ambient drones with grainy industrial textures. He also generally excludes beats in the six tracks, even if the clicking pulses in “Child of the Cavern” and “The Last Man on Earth” suggest ties to earlier Maps and Diagrams releases. In keeping with their titles, “Sylvan Spring” is characterized by warm, enveloping swathes of synthetic sound, while “Avalanche” finds billowing vapours gradually building to a climax before deflating. An occasional field recording works its way into the material, and consequently a softly whistling meditation such as “Novachord Spectrum” assumes a somewhat pastoral quality that strengthens its connection to the natural world.

Maps and Diagrams - Novachord Spectrum from handstitched* on Vimeo.

The material repeatedly resists settling into straightforward, easily definable structures; a piece such as “Child of the Cavern,” for instance, unfolds unpredictably, as if the material itself is determining in the moment which path to take. A similar approach characterizes “Yriarte” and “The Last Man on Earth,” which suggest that a fitting reference point for Delius is Fennesz, whose music likewise develops fluidly rather than fits into simple, predetermined structures. All in all, Delius impresses as an understated set whose occasional rough textural treatments can't hide the gentle heart beating at its core.

[ Cubiculo ]. Taking some time out from making music with Charles Sage as Hessien, Tim Martin brings his Maps and Diagrams project to the surface with four exclusive songs for Fluid Audio. 'Cubiculo' features a more structured, loop-based arrangement, drawing attention to a rounded and melodic stencil with focus on subtle, micro-crystalised rhythm, surrounded by a self-assurance and tangled textures with a salute towards the work of Oval and their deconstructed works of the 90's. 'Cubiculo' creates a less-harsh listening environment compared to 'The Giant Woods' album on Yuki Yaki released in December 2009 and this is another steadfast release carefully crafted, interwoven with unfolding elements that makes Maps and Diagrams' compositions so precisely enduring.

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Maps and Diagrams has been in action since around 2002 and and on “Første”, Maps and Diagrams breaks away from his usual joyful ambient electronica to produce something darker and more out of character.

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Maps and Diagrams - Snowglobe EP Artist - Maps and Diagrams Album - Snowglobe EP [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2014 Genre - Ambient, Electron', IDM, Glitch [ AWESOME SOUND ] Tracklist 01. Dominoeffect 05:16 02. Jupiter Incidental 05:09 03. QRBG 04:49 04. Astropod 05:04 05. Hebakotb 04:25 06. Triangular Triquerta 04:16 07. Dominoeffect - The New Honey Shade Remix 04:46 08. Jupiter Incidental - Dark Mahoney Remix 03:38 09. QRBG - Ylid Remix 04:00 10. Astropod - bdobcmx 03:32 11. Hebakotb - The Green Kingdom Remix 05:15 12. Triangular Triquerta - Pleq Remix 04:10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DL Maps and Diagrams - Snowglobe EP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M and D - Forste Artist - Maps and Diagram Album - Forste Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Minimal, Experimental-drone [ AWESOME STUFF ] Tracklist 01 – Meyeri 02 – Helderberg 03 – Tafelstem 04 – Gaasefjord 05 – Puynax 06 – Goldfuss -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDCAMP Maps and Diagram - Forste FILEFACTORY Maps and Diagram - Forste -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maps and Diagrams - Laska Artist - Maps and Diagrams Album - Laska Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Minimal, Experimental-drone [ AWESOME STUFF ] Tracklist 01 – Bicolour 02 – Laska 03 – Limosa 04 – Penelope -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILEFACTORY Maps and Diagrams - Laska STREAM + PURCHASE Maps and Diagrams - Laska -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maps and Diagrams - Cubiculo Artist - Maps & Diagrams Album - Cubiculo Release Date - 2010 Genre - Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Minimal, Experimental-drone [ AWESOME STUFF ] Tracklist 1. The Melancholy of the Weavers 04:28 2. Kopangyang 04:16 3. Gnomish Twang 04:35 4. Fragments of a Former Moon 04:25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE DOWNLOADS Maps & Diagrams - Cubiculo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Maps & Diagrams Album - Delius [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Minimal, Experimental-drone [ AWESOME STUFF ] Tracklist 01 – Sylvan Spring 02 – Avalanche 03 – Child of the Cavern 04 – Yriarte 05 – Novachord Spectrum 06 – The Last Man on Earth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maps & Diagrams - Delius -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maps and Diagrams - The Giant Woods Artist - Maps and Diagrams Album - The Giant Woods Release Date - 2009 Genre - Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Minimal, Experimental-drone [ AWESOME STUFF ] Tracklist 01. Duplicate 02. Eleemosyn 03. Gauche 04. Last Train Home 05. Navel 06. Savannakhet 07. Shuffel 08. Spirals 09. The World And You -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIAFIRE Maps and Diagrams - The Giant Woods -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maps and Diagrams --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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