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Charcoal 26th May is the first single from the self-titled EP of Canberra/Sydney producer, Felix Idle aka Shisd. Felix grew up in Darlinghurst, Sydney with his two musical siblings, playing piano. On the way he encountered composers such as Ryuuichi Sakamoto and Phillip Glass, who have had a lasting impact on his approach to sound and arrangement.

Discovering Garageband at 16 he began making humorous pastiches of second-long samples from Indie rock, language listening tapes and field recordings. In late 2010, under the influence of his brother he made his first serious attempt at “pop” music – “Bay Wash”. He now lives in Canberra where he studies oil painting and Japanese, and produces long-form vocal pop music based around the processing of field recordings, samples and the sparse use of synthesizers.

Charcoal 26th May combines thick, digitally manipulated atmospheres, warm sine-wave bass and mournful cathedral-‘verb drenched harmonies in an elegy to escapism. Central to the track are the haunted vocalisms of his brother and fellow producer, Cape North. You can pick it up from his bandcamp for free, along with remixes by Danish glitch-wizard Zack Christ, mysterious Sydney producer Juota and Scissor Lock (aka Marcus Whale of Collarbones). しsd EP will be out on the New Weird Australia label, Wood and Wire on July 1.

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Artist – Shisd
Album – Charcoal 26th May
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Ambient, Dark-ambient, Glitch, Down-tempo, Electronica [ AWESOME / GET IT ]


1. Charcoal 26th May 04:38
2. 505 (Arctic Monkeys Cover) 04:15
3. Charcoal 26th May (Zack Christ Remix) 04:10
4. Charcoal 26th May (Juota Remix) 04:58
5. Charcoal 26th May (Scissor Lock Remix) 04:20
Shisd – Charcoal 26th May

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