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2012-08-01 11:36:26 UTC

A spring hello to ya from Tampere, Finland! We try to stay active although the sun is already wearing us down and forcing us outdoors. As always, we're happy to answer your questions and interview suggestions! The thing is, finnish post rock band All Will Be Quiet's debut album is coming out May the 16th. We decided to put out a new single from the album.

The song is called 'The First Day, part. 2'. It's a great addition to the first single 'Wide Eyes and Space Flights' featured 2 months ago. This song introduces a cinematic, grandiose side of All Will Be Quiet. It also serves as the opening serenade for the b-side on the album. The album 'On the first Day' is a concept album. It's a story about our society collapsing and rising from the ashes. It's a optimistic take on how the future might play out for humankind.

The album will be released by Lionheart and distributed by Playground Music. [ scandinavia & baltia ]. All Will Be Quiet is

Aleksi Kaufmann- vocals, guitar, cello Tatu Halonen - bass Iiro Säynäjärvi - piano, keyboards Joel Tobias Sädekoski - drums & perc Kane Kaspar Heinonen - guitar, sampler

Violin: Sofia Kosonen Backing Vocals: Tanja Korkka produced, recorded and mixed by Kane Kaspar Heinonen, mastered by Matias Ahonen / Audiamond -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Both tracks of [ On The First Day ] single can be downloaded for free on SoundCloud and [ All Be Quiet ] sound particularly goes for fans of [ Butterfly Explosion ] ~ [ Amusement Parks On Fire ] and the likes. AWESOME STUFF all the way. As far as the self title goes... you can snatched that one off BandCamp itself. See Recommendations as well.

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Artist - All Will Be Quiet Album - On The First Day [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Post-rock, Shoegaze [ EXCELLENT SOUND ] Tracklist 01 – The First Day Pt. 1 02 – Writing History 03 – Dark Dreams 04 – Until The End Of Time 05 – Wide Eyes And Space Flights 06 – The First Day Pt. 2 07 – Toast To Life 08 – Sinking Ship 09 – Washed Away 10 – A Promise -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Will Be Quite - On The First Day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - All Will Be Quiet Album - On The First Day [ Single's ] ( * * * * * ) Release Date - 2012 Genre - Post-rock, Showgaze [ AWESOME STUFF / WAITING FOR THE FULL ALBUM ] Tracklist 1. All Will Be Quiet - Wide Eyes And Space Flights 2. All Will Be Quiet - The First Day pt. 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Will Be Quiet - On The First Day [ Single's ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - All Will Be Quite Album - All Will Be Quite [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Post-rock, Shoegaze [ SIMPLY EXQUISITE ] Tracklist 1. Intro 01:11 2. I See 07:19 3. Let Her Live 05:14 4. Tomorrow 05:33 5. Washed Away 07:29 6. All Will Be Quiet 05:03 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Will Be Quite - All Will Be Quite -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Butterfly Explosion | For A Minor Reflection | LaGrandine | Amusement Parks On Fire | Actors & Actresses --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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