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2012-06-29 10:09:14 UTC

Glasgow act Remember Remember, essentially the solo project of former Multiplies and Royal We member Graeme Ronald, will release a self-titled debut album in November through the Rock Action label. Compared to Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Animal Collective and even Michel Gondry, Ronald has received acclaim for his unique live shows where everything from hand-claps to Irn Bru are sampled, looped and blended into the performance.

Drowned In Sound. [ The Quickening ]

These seven Scots have created an album of pristine artistry that revels in the contradiction of variety and repetition: ‘Ocean Potion’ is a nine-minute romping celebration of nature, almost pagan in its Fleet Foxes-esque liberation; ‘A Larger Demon’, the shortest track on the album, stands out in the American Beauty simplicity of its emotionally taut piano; ‘Scottish Widows’ twinkles, delicate and languishing, with its music-box melody, meandering piano and aching strings - a model of perfection that is unsurpassed throughout the whole album.

An album which, to be honest, doesn’t really seem like a giant leap from the self-titled debut that Graeme Ronald produced on his own back in 2008. Admittedly, there is more of a sense of momentum on this follow-up, probably due to both the inclusion of a drummer and the richer layering of sound that is inherent in expanding a band, but there is little major progression. Luckily for us, this isn’t a bad thing, though, because the strongest tracks on the album - ‘Scottish Widows’, ‘A Larger Demon’ - seem to be the most similar to Ronald’s 2008 fare, and it is clear he has achieved such beauty through repetition. Exactly as he has throughout The Quickening.

Beauty through repetition seems to be the mantra of Remember Remember. ‘Scottish Widows’’ potent melancholy, ‘Hey Zeus’s drama and ‘White Castles’s ethereal capering are all expertly crafted, and it is this unusual contrasting variation in tonal content, borne of the multi-instrumentalism rife in the seven members of the band, as well as the slight adjustments to the landscaping of the tracks as they progress that counteracts the err… repetitiveness of the repetition so effectively.

I admit, repetition is a contentious subject when it comes down to it, but for those of you folk looking for a further exploration of its nuances, I’m sure you could audit some music lectures at a nearby university. Or, for you couch-potatoes out there, there’s this juicy little thread which the DiS community has handled with its usual funeral-service sincerity. But, then again, you could just educate yourself the easy way - with Remember Remember and The Quickening. [ by Josh Suntharasivam ].

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Buoyed by the early success of their second album 'The Quickening,' Glasgow-based quartet Remember Remember have taken the step of combining their forthcoming tour with the release of 'The Mixening', an album of remixes by some of the band's favourite artists. As with every remix album it is difficult to create a coherent sound, but Remember Remember's effort is not entirely disjointed. Of course, there will never be the same flow to the remoulded version as the original, and there are no pretences made in that respect.

The most obvious example is towards the start of the record – the band's own retake of 'A Large Demon' is at complete contrast to the grnr's lively and energetic remix of 'One Happier,' whilst the FOUND version of 'Hey Zeus' sounds like it has been lifted straight from a video game soundtrack, with bouncing electronics and a repetitive loop. That said, the collection of tracks is an interesting take on the original album, and there is enough variety to keep the listener interested. Ben Butler and Mousepad's version of opener 'John Candy' stand outs as particularly impressive, and there are flashes of potential scattered throughout. Whilst it may not stand out as electronic genius, it is a worthy attention to the hardcore fan's collection.

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Artist - Remember Remember Album - The Mixening Release Date - 2012 Genre - Electroninc, Ambient, Instrumental Tracklist 01 – John Candy (Ben Butler and Mousepad Remix) 02 – White Castle (The Twilight Sad Remix) 03 – A Larger Demon (Quickened by Remember Remember) 04 – One Happier (grnr Remix) 05 – Hey Zeus (FOUND Remix) 06 – Unclean Powers (Nobodaddy’s Phantom Band Mix) 07 – White Castle (Jack Senap Remix) 08 – Scottish Widows (Enoch Point’s Scotish Wido Mix) 09 – Ocean Potion (Dam Mantle Remix) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember Remember - The Mixening -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Remember Remember Album - The Quickening [ * * * * * * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Ambient, Experimental, Post-rock, Krautrock [ STRAIGHT 10 OUT OF 10 ] Tracklist 1 White Castle 2 Ocean Potion 3 Scottish Widows 4 Hey Zeus 5 Unclean Powers 6 A Larger Demon 7 One Happier 8 John Candy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember Remember - The Quickening -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- remember-remember-remember-remember Artist - Remember Remember Album - Remember Remember Release Date - Genre - Instrumental, Electro', Ambient, Post-rock, Krautrock Tracklist 01 And the Demon Said... 1:20 02 The Dancing 5:12 03 Genie (For Amaya) 7:02 04 Fountain 4:18 05 Mountain 4:12 06 The Swimming 5:16 07 How Did You End Up Like This? 5:34 08 Imagining Things (i) 5:23 09 Imagining Things (ii) 5:58 10 Up in a Blue Light 9:11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember Remember - Remember Remember Password - SirensSound.blogspot.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Death by Panda ~ Bang Gang ~ Triosk ~ Stabilo ~ Asbestoscape --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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