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* * * * * Toe * * * * *

toe is a Japanese music group that formed in 2000. While mentioned in many post-rock circles, their song structure and dynamics are similar to many popular math rock artists. The vast majority of the music is instrumental and features the swift and acute drumming of Takashi.

The band has changed their sound over their musical tenure by incorporating acoustic guitars, rhodes piano, and vibraphones in their most recent releases. The band started performing live in July 2001, a few times a month at nightclubs. They began recording their debut EP songs, ideas we forgot in February 2002, and released it two months later in April 17th of the same year.

In July 2003 toe released a split CD EP with pele through an independent label, muziq and following September the band released a remix album Re:designed. In April 2004 toe contributed a song to the MOTOWN tribute CD, “ROCK MOTOWN” and the following June the pele/toe split was released as vinyl through polyvinyl records. In April 2005 the band began recording their first album. Four months later in August 31st, toe’s anticipated debut album the book about my idle plot on a vague anxiety was released.

The Members Are:

☆ 山嵜廣和 ~ Yamazaki Hirokazu (Guitar)
☆ 美濃隆章 ~ Mino Takaaki (Guitar)
☆ 山根さとし ~ Yamane Satoshi (Bass)
☆ 柏倉隆史 ~ Kashikura Takashi (Drums)

< < < < < [ EDIT NOTE: 2012 EP [ The Future Is Now “EP” ] Update ]. > > > > >

[ The Future Is Now ]. Throughout their career, toe has crafted a technique unlike anyone else, with each release displaying a distinctive passion led by intricate instrumentals and heartfelt enthusiasm. Each release does follow that same algorithmic trail math-rock is famous for, but the band’s sound, in that same respect, continues to broach into new territory, further refining their already powerful approach. The Book About My Idle… comprised of toe’s continued experimentation with math-rock — the strings, polyrhythmic, and the drumming complex. And as we entered into toe’s next chapter, For Long Tomorrow, we were finally able to hear the band find their niche with this sound.

Unlike their previous LP, For Long Tomorrow displayed some of toe’s most passionate grooves and cohesive guitar work. The drums were as powerful as ever and the music itself glowed as the energy was unlike anything else. The Future Is Now in a way advents the future of toe, swelled with the passion For Long Tomorrow possessed and bursting with the potential The Book About My Idle… exhibited. They’re just as powerful as you hoped and are continuing to bloom into the only real icon post-math-rock has. With this EP, we can already foresee toe’s next LP and the power it will possess.

Although toe carries many characteristics of post-rock, they lack the usual formula of crescendo and explosion. toe doesn’t depend on buildups and the crashing of wave after wave. More like a calm sea in this respect, toe utilizes intricate guitar work and complex drumming. Run for Word opens up in this exact way. Weaved together are the strings of the guitars being plucked in cohesive union, and the drumming and bass acting as the backing beat for these two. Unlike many of toe’s other songs, the drumming, while beautifully played, is not the highlight nor the central piece in this track; no, the guitars are.

This style works exceedingly well as an opener for the album’s next and perhaps best track, Tsuki Kake. The voices of both male and female can be heard here and act as guest vocals, something toe is often known to incorporate into their releases. The beat and groove is reminiscent of r&b, and it’s here the listener is able to sample what’s in store in toe’s upcoming release(s) — with a sort of combination between math-rock, post-rock, and a calm silhouette of r&b detected in the background.

I’ve noticed in many indie bands the presence of introducing two themes and the subsequent combination of the two; and toe’s third track, Ordinary Days, does just that. The intricacy and rhythm heard on Run for Word can be heard here, and the genre-fusing of the second track cameos as the conclusion, creating an interesting end result. Curtaining the album and single of the four is — you guessed it: The Future is Now.

And with this, you’re left vying for the future toe has setup for you, or rather, the curiosity toe has invoked within you for the future they’re writing. Many of toe’s songs are identifiable through the variety of sounds and instruments used; lest we forget their extensive usage of Rhodes Piano heard in For Long Tomorrow. toe adorned this release with their expected unique incorporation of peculiar yet essential instrumentals, and at the same time, allowed for a foretelling of their future and their sound’s evolution. [ __sputnikmusic ].

Artist – Toe
Album – The Future Is Now
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock


1. Run For Word [ RUN FOR WORD ]
2. 月、欠け feat.ACO [ TSUKI.KAKE FEAT.ACO ]
3. Ordinary Days [ ORDINARY DAYS ]
4. The Future Is Now [ THE FUTURE IS NOW ]
Toe – The Future Is Now

Artist – Toe
Album – Songs, Ideas We Forgot
Release Date – 2002
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock


1 Leave Word
2 I Dance Alone
3 1, 2, 3, 4
4 Path
5 Yoru Wa Akeru
Toe – Songs, Ideas We Forgot

Artist – Toe
Album – Re:designed
Release Date – 2003
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock


1 I Dance Alone (Hanacanna)
2 Yoru wa Akeru (The Mercury Program)
3 Leave Word (Pele)
4 Path (Clammbon)
5 Past and Language (Nano Machine)
6 Velvet Blanc
7 Past and Language
Toe – Re:designed

Artist – Pelé / Toe
Album – Split
Release Date – 2004
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock


1 Pele – Drop Attack
2 Toe – Velvet Blanc
Pelé / Toe – [ Split ]

Artist – Toe
Album – Book About My Idle Plot on Vague Anxiety
Release Date – 2005
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock


01 反逆する風景
02 孤独の発明
03 Tremolo + Delay
04 向こう岸が視る夢
05 All I Understand Is That I Don’t Understand
06 C
07 Past and Language
08 Music for You
09 I Do Still Wrong
10 メトロノーム
11 Everything Means Nothing
Toe – Book About My Idle Plot on Vague Anxiety

Artist – Toe
Album – New Sentimentality
Release Date – 2006
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock


1 Tsunagaru Haruka Achira 3:48
2 1/21 4:36
3 New Sentimentality 4:41
4 Goodbye 7:34
Toe – New Sentimentality

Artist – Toe
Album – RGB [ DVD ]
Release Date – 2006
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock


01. 1/21 (Intro)
02. 反逆する風景
03. 孤独の発明
04. Tremolo + Delay
05. Untitled (Interlude 1)
06. C
07. I dance alone
08. Leave word
09. Untitled (Interlude 2)
10. All i understand is that i don’t understand
11. I do still wrong
12. Untitled (Interlude 3)
13. 向こう岸が見る夢
14. Past and language
15. Untitled (Outro)
Toe – RGB [ DVD ] – Part 01 of 03
Toe – RGB [ DVD ] – Part 02 of 03
Toe – RGB [ DVD ] – Part 03 of 03


Artist – Toe
Album – For Long Tomorrow [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock


1 ここには何もかもがあるし、何もかもがない
2 ショウシツ点よ笛
3 After Image (feat. Harada Ikuko)
4 エソテリック
5 Say It Ain’t So (feat. Hoshikawa Yuzuru)
6 Two Moons
7 モスキートンはもう聞こえない#1
8 モスキートンはもう聞こえない#2
9 ラストナイト Album Ver.
10 グッドバイ Album Ver. (feat. Toki Asako)
11 You Go
12 Our Next Movement
13 Long Tomorrow
Toe – For Long Tomorrow Password –
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