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* * * The Hundredth Century Collapse – Journals of the Black Lake * * *

The Hundredth Century Collapse is an ambient drone solo project based in Montreal. The first album of this project, Journals of the Black Lake, was recorded with processed synthesizers, piano, guitars. Each track tends to capture its own atmosphere and create a strong soundscape during the near one hour and fifteen minutes release with the use of minimal drones on the different instruments.

The album was recorded in my home studio. The recording began in Feubrary this year and ended two months later, in April. The album was released on bandcamp this month.

All music by Elliot Cadieux
Cover art photograph by Marie-Eve Labonté

[Journals Of The Black Lake] is nothing but a work of art, twelve songs stretched over an hour of epic drone. This album navigates flawlessly in the sequence of repetitive tunes. It is the kind of art that even in your most unimaginative state you will still find a method to reason with the sound and accommodate the logic to it. The entire effort behind this title is MASSIVE and designed not to move you but to move the soul within. It’s the sound that echoes your mind when you are in a state of loneliness. By the time you are done listening to [Journals Of The Black Lake], it will most certainly leave a memorable emotional scar on you. By all means get it.

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Artist – The Hundredth Century Collapse
Album – – Journals of the Black Lake LP [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Ambient, Experimental, Dark-ambient, Drone, Experimental-drone [ SUPERB ]


01. Drought and First Rays 03:21
02. Theory Of The Sun 06:18
03. The Last Blue Sky 02:44
04. Empty Page 06:16
05. Unsafe Sanctuary Part 1 10:39
06. Unsafe Sanctuary Part 2 04:05
07. Untitled 03:37
08. The Oxen Had Warned 03:48
09. A Blueprint For The Moon (Theory Of The Sun Part II) 05:25
10. Lying Over Cold Sands 08:38
11. Unsafe Sanctuary (Revisited) 14:43
12. They Might Reach The Endless Dunes 04:46
The Hundredth Century Collapse – Journals of the Black Lake LP

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