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2013-08-23 06:45:10 UTC


Sebastian Plano [ Cellist and Composer ] born in Argentina of a musical family, Sebastian Plano is a classically trained contemporary composer. He started cello lessons at age 7 and left home at 17 to study abroad, eventually landing in "San Francisco". Extensive travel from an early age instilled in him a deep appreciation for living with and learning from people of different cultures around the world.

Despite his strong classical background, Sebastian's music derives from a mixture of forms and genres, carefully combining diverse stylistic elements into thoughtful arrangements that bear the stamp of a single, unifying vision. His debut album [ The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts ], self-produced and recorded, fittingly displays his talents as both composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Cellist Sebastian Plano has turned to composition, and that was the news prompting a quick survey of what all the recent graduates of the S.F. Conservatory of Music are doing. Plano, who received his Master's degree from the Conservatory this year, sent an e-mail, reminding me of an accidental/happy encounter with a student performance of the Debussy String Quartet in G Minor, also calling attention to the release of his debut album.

Reminiscent of John Adams in a mellow mood, Plano's The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts is — to use a simplified description — in the [ post-Minimalist, neo-neo-Romantic ] vein, with a dash of trance music. The entire album is available on-line: Take a listen. Born in Argentina, Plano has traveled extensively, and when he settled in San Francisco, he put into music "a deep appreciation for living with and learning from people of different cultures around the world." He describes his self-produced and self-recorded album as "a mixture of forms and genres, carefully combining diverse stylistic elements into thoughtful arrangements that bear the stamp of a single, unifying vision."

I've been listening to [ The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts ] for the last two weeks over a dozens of times already and the best part is every time I hear this title, the sound within kept unfolding secret chambers and new avenues. Regardless of the number of listens I gave this album I swear I keep hearing something I didn't hear on my previous listen. [ The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts ] is one hell of an amazing title. Too bad we haven’t got a [ download ] yet but by all means do yourself a favor and stream the entire album. [ Listening is believing ].

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Denovali Records is happy to announce the release of Sebastian Plano's new album IMPETUS, accompanied by the re-release of his debut ARRHYTHMICAL PART OF HEARTS, available with new artwork and worldwide for the first time.


Born into a musical family in Argentina, Sebastian Plano is a classically-trained contemporary music composer / multi-instrumentalist. Exploring his strong roots in folk music, Tango, and enchanted by the resonance of electronic music, he began to interpret his imagination into own sounds at the age of 12.

There are classical musicians who embrace the modern world we live in today and that is what Sebastian Plano does. Already with the first release of his debut album "Arrhythmical Part of Hearts", Plano has gained international acclaim, placing him as one of the pioneering artists combining classical and electronic elements. His new and second full length album is entitled "Impetus" - a moving force, stimulation and momentum that originated right after completion of his debut album.

In comparison to Plano's debut, "Impetus" comprises a larger acoustic instrumentation and a nurtured way of handling sounds. Instruments and sounds are added and dropped, the tempo is raised and lowered, sudden subtle changes of mood generate forward motion and lead us into new episodes and interludes. The tone is by turns insistently yearning, wistfully pretty, gently melancholic, and urgently rhythmic. Intimate quiet moments leading to vast soundscapes of strings and electronic percussion. Plano's new album is full of such miniature dramas, filled with life and beauty creating a storyline of boundless imagination.

Sebastian Plano's music draws from a wide pool of influences. Indeed, it is influenced by much of classical music, but we also find similarities to some soundtrack composers, as well as certain musicians such as Ólafur Arnalds, Sigur Rós, Arvo Pärt, Nils Frahm or Max Richter. Sebastian has recently collaborated with ex-Kronos Quartet's cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, who takes part in his forthcoming EP album called "Novel".

"Impetus" will be released in September 2013 by Denovali Records. The release is accompanied by a re-release of Sebastian Plano's debut "Arrhythmical Part of Hearts" with entirely new artwork and worldwide distribution as well as a tour throughout Europe soon after.

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Sebastian Plano - Impetus Artist - Sebastian Plano Album - Impetus Release Date - 2013 ( Pre-order Start September ) Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Post-classical [ SUPERB SOUND ALL THE WAY ] Tracklist 01 - Impetus [ From "Impetus" ] 02 - The World We Live In [ From "Impetus" ] 03 - Blue Loving Serotonin [ From "Impetus" ] 04 - In Between World's II [ From "Impetus" ] 05 - Emotions (Part II) [ From "Impetus" ] 07 - All Given To Machinery [ From "Impetus" ] 08 - Inside Eyes [ From "Impetus" ] 09 - Outside Eyes [ From "Impetus" ] 10 - One Story Of Thoughts [ From "Impetus" ] 11 - Homage To A Soul [ From "A.P.O.H ] 12 - Living [ From "A.P.O.H ] 13 - Running On Caffein [ From "A.P.O.H ] 14 - In Between Worlds [ From "A.P.O.H ] 15 - Emotions (Part III) [ From "A.P.O.H ] 16 - Image From Sentimentals [ From "A.P.O.H ] 17 - Postlude [ From "A.P.O.H ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMING IN SEPT Sebastian Plano - Impetus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Sebastian Plano Album - The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts [ * * * * * ] X 10 Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Post-rock, Post-classical [ SUPERB SOUND ALL THE WAY ] Tracklist 1. Homage to a Soul - 5:32 2. Living - 5:51 3. Running on Caffeine - 4:23 4. In Between Worlds - 2:06 5. Emotions (Part III) - 6:25 6. Image of Sentimentals - 4:32 7. Postlude - 3:15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PURCHASE ~ Sebastian Plano - The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts STREAMING ~ Sebastian Plano - The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Running on Caffeine by sebastianplano -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Living by sebastianplano -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendation: Peter Gregson | Nickholas Koniwzski | T.C.O | R.D. Hardy | Redhooker -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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