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2012-12-13 12:56:35 UTC

Mountain Range is an ambient electronic project from Leeds producer Stuart Thomas. The music takes strong post rock influence and mixes it with MPC driven sampling and beats, to creates something as emotive and relaxing as it is engaging.

'Leeds producer Stuart Thomas blends organic percussion with a breathtaking, kaleidoscopic backdrop of warm, evolving synthetics, to help produce what might be the most beautiful set of early works DIY has set its ears on for some time. Strictly, one could class this as ambient music, but it has a modern-day edge that turns it into a more accessible being.' This is Fake DIY: First On, by Jamie Milton.

'Here’s where happy music resides. This is quirky, twee electronic music. Mountain Range creates delicate soundscapes, hence all the tiny, twinkling sounds. Beats are on here but they tend to take a backseat to the melodies and rhythms. For the vast majority of the album they stay out of the way, remaining near silent as the tones configure themselves around each other. 7.4/10' Beach Sloth.

'A sonic hug with maybe some nails digging in' Gill Mills.

Music mastered by John Pratt. EP Artwork by Hannah Jones. All music written/ recorded/ mixed by Stuart Thomas.

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"It's Lonely Around People, Too" The new track, due to be made public 17th of December 2012. This is just an MP3 upload for easy private streaming, the release will be a much higher quality WAV. Few comments [ Enveloping and mesmerizing as always. Thanks so much for the early share ]. | | | [ Liking this, feels bubbly but smooth ]. | | | [ The bass drum lends such a warm feeling for this bit ]. | | | [ TOTALLY EPIC SINGLE and Can't wait to another proper full length album ]. and for those who previously missed "A Heart Upon "EP" now is your chance, bu all means...

The first Mountain Range EP, 'A Heart Upon' is a collection of old, new, bad and acceptable ideas just For you. Yet another interesting musical project with an interesting mix elements of ambient and beatscapes-like sound. CHECK IT OUT by interesting I mean very interesting.

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Artist - Mountain Range Album - It's Lonely Around People, Too. [ Single ] Release Date - 2012 (17th DEC) Genre - Ambient, Soundscapes, Beatscapes, Electronica, Glitch [ EPIC SINGLE ] Tracklist 01 - It's Lonely Around People, Too. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mountain Range - It's Lonely Around People, Too. [ Single ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Mountain Range Album - A Heart Upon "EP" Release Date - 2012 Genre - Ambient, Soundscapes, Beatscapes, Electronica, Glitch [ GOOD ONE ] Tracklist 1. With Skates 06:18 2. Evelyn(e) 04:20 3. Bears 04:42 4. And I WIll Dance In Your Rays 04:56 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mountain Range - A Heart Upon "EP" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nest ~ Erik K. Skodvin ~ Sylvain Chauveau ~ Svarte Greiner ~ Aaron Spectre -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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