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2012-07-20 11:20:34 UTC

Boduf Songs is Mat Sweet from Southampton [ UK ]. He has previously worked on home recording projects with friends [ including Pistols at Dawn with Afterglow, Randolph Carter, Four Man Ghost and Heavy Manufacturing Concern ] but Boduf Songs saw him going solo, with vocals and acoustic guitar at the forefront of the songwriting.

The debut album " Boduf Songs " [ KRANK 085 ] was released on Kranky in 2005 consisting of the home recordings, untouched, that he had sent to the record label. The second LP by Boduf Songs " Lion Devours the Sun " [ KRANK 099 ] was released on 30/10/06. The third Boduf Songs album is " How Shadows Chase The Balance ". Album [ Kranky 120 - release date - 29th September 2008 ].

[ This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Eerything ] This Boduf Songs LP is well whispery. Don't recall ever hearing Boduf Songs but from the minute the needle hits the wax i feel compelled to take the whole Boduf Song vibe very seriously. Musically, we are talking super minimalism. Tracks are recorded with a singular microphone and are primarily made up of one instrument and a vocal that generally dominates the track.

This is due mainly to the bleak lyrical content and the husky, whispered vocal delivery of B.S mastermind Mathew Sweet. Another reason why i know this is super serious business is that the lyrics are printed in full on the front of the sleeve. Here's an example from opener 'Bought Myself A Cat O'Nine' that might get the party started 'My hammer feels the urge to nail you to the ground, to smash one through your cheek and splinter into wooden floorboards.'

That's heavy shit dude. So, if you like your music kick-ass moody you'll probably dig this little number. Some of the instrumentation is fantastic and the minimalist approach to instrumentation really compliments the sparse vocal arrangements, It even kicks of into full band mode from time to time which is also pretty effective. Kinda hard to pin down a fair comparison but it doe's have a little in common with the likes of Vic Chestnutt or perhaps Red House Painters as well as hinting at The For carnation. Bleak stuff.

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[ Fluid Radio ] “Internal Memo” How can we absolve, the things we did not speak?” sung Mat Sweet, the brain behind Boduf Songs on “Lion Devours The Sun”, his 2006 LP for Chicago’s Kranky label. “LDTS” was his second Kranky tackle – he thereafter released two LPs, each abridged by two years gap. braces this trend, but as an EP. His culmination of British Folk has subtly elasticated the macabre – 2008′s “How Shadows Chase The Balance” re-interpreted Calla’s 1997 Indie album “Scavengers”, while “The Giant Umbilical Cord That Connects Your Brain To The Centre”, highlight of 2010′s “This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything”, adapted a cushioned pace, letting silence’s resonances and spatiality ping extra attention.

His first vinyl since trekking from UK to Toledo, Ohio, “Internal Memo”, at just 16 minutes, asperses the “memo” diaphragm into likened phonetics: memory/memorandum/memorial, thematically, and discontinuously caustically. Sweet’s multidimensional, unpredictable lyrics toss hook over ship’s side, drawing you underwater with haste. A fine linguistic draping of miserabilism and necessitated austerity atop his guitar, light percussion drives and piano, prickle the atmosphere with an anti-drab paradox. He’s “Always in the half-light”, as on “Internal Memo”, and then “To take a drink, I will drain every seam / And every river, lake and stream” on “Infernal Memo”. Reddened linguistics – encompassing anger, love and impermanences encircled – colour each section’s angularity, despite murmured, downtempo stylism offering counter-direction, rooted amongst spiky instrumental interludes. It’s one reason the record works – trajectory (mental: your feelings from the narrative; physical: where you’re intending, or listening to it) convolution gets buoyed, both creatively (him) and submissively (you). Known for his love of loud, heavy music, besides Sweet’s Boduf Songs enacting something of a tranquilized bull-in-China-shop with replays, he doesn’t forget human, logical intent, however abstract it may seem at first appearance.

When incisive rhythms interweave with dialectic premonitions – e.g: “Throw a rope, round the sun / Tied to where, stars are hung”, on opener “Temping”; most understanding ropes are burnable material, like a star corrodes inside, human or composite – the meaning density infers further hypothesis. Gravitation of any initial place or statement, and the circular orbit of it as such, also creates the decomposition – returning any rich to poor, or fundamental privy to frivelty. “The country, is begging, for rations, in service”, a line following, suggests Sweet idealises audience in processing, and achieves the opposite of internalising by the realisation of a release.

What’s more universal, though, is he’s writing about things that could be privatised, but focuses on residual crossover – edging between importance of third party messaging (the public aware of his sentiments), and what’s integral to his own artistry (often remaining partly enclosed from view). Heck, the “To take a walk / I will kill every dog” could be danger talk anywhere, were it not for Sweet’s transistory wringing – he takes figurative to literal scraps of poetry, and feeds them against the context of safeguarded fantasy. The internal memo’s dogma, indeed, is the impure imaginative, nonetheless it’s not what one always desires in their heart of hearts.

Just by the existence of the final track: “Eternal Memo”, there’s hints with a temporal pelican crossing. Taken wholly, it’s the completist tune included, yet can simulate a musical obituary piece towards the complexities of a breakup, but not as we might perceive it ourselves, or at least not at the time of the event. The strumming acts instinctually before he loses breath, and with all these compositions never sinking beyond five minutes, dirges and transluscency dismember.

“If you hear the call, don’t wake me, when you leave” invites me a timeline sampling Bark Psychosis and Sharon Ven Etten songs, particularly 2004′s “From What Is Said To When It’s Read”, then 2010′s “Don’t Do It”. But the impression, likewise, is not that Sweet no longer cares, it’s rather that he’s self-analysing when to resign from trying. By applying a concentrated context for the really personal statement, rather than an emphatic, or self-pitying divergence from it, “Internal Memo” conjures a degree of warming aloofness while giving credence to transcendental introspection. Not only refreshingly unorthodox for records of this length, but additionally for Folk that veers into constituencies with modern Indie. “Don’t forget” – I know I won’t.

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Artist - Bodof Songs Album - Internal Memo [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Acoustic, Post-Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental [ BE SURE TO GET IT ] Tracklist 01 – Temping 02 – Under Unborn Mouth Place 03 – Internal Memo 04 – Howl To Capitulate Undone Hours 05 – Infernal Memo 06 – Eternal Memo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bodof Songs - Internal Memo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Boduf Songs Album - Lion Devours The Sun Release Date - 2006 Genre - Acoustic, Post-Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental Tracklist 01-Lord Of The Flies 5:27 02-Two Across The Mouth 4:02 03-That Angel Was Pretty Lame 6:31 04-Great Wolf Of No Tracks 2:46 05-Green Lion Devours The Sun, Blood Decends To Earth 6:51 06-27th Raven's Head (Darkness Showing Through The Head Of The Raven) 3:43 07-Please Ache For Redemptive 5:02 08-Fall Of Cherry Blossom In Long Shadows Of Twilight 3:45 09-Bell For Harness 9:36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boduf Songs - Lion Devours The Sun -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Boduf Songs Album - How Shadows Chase The Balance Release Date - 2008 Genre - Acoustic, Post-Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental Tracklist 01 - mission creep 5:36 02 - things not to be done on the sabbath 4:31 03 - i can't see a thing in here 5:52 04 - quite when group 6:55 05 - pitiful shadow engulfed in darkness 6:06 06 - a spirit harness 6:19 07 - found on the bodies of fallen whales 7:06 08 - last glimmer on a hill at dusk 5:19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boduf Songs - How Shadows Chase The Balance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Boduf Songs Album - There Is Something Hanging Above Release Date - 2009 Genre - Acoustic, Post-Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental Tracklist 01 - Down Among The Mashers 2:54 02 - Deathbed Triumphs Of Eminent Lackwits 6:02 03 - Down Among The Mashers Pt.2 2:40 04 - Left Behind Like A Piece Of Shit 5:12 05 - Peripheral Man 3:33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boduf Songs - There Is Something Hanging Above -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Boduf Songs Album - This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything Release Date - 2010 Genre - Lo-fi, Post-rock, Experimental, Music-noir [ GET IT GET IT GET TI ] Tracklist 01 - Bought Myself A Cat O Nine Tails 02 - Decapitation Blues 03 - Absolutely Null And Utterly Void 04 - Green They Were, And Golden Eyed 05 - They Get On Slowly 06 - The Giant Umbilical Cord That Connect Your Brian To The Center I am Going Away Away And I am Never Coming Back -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boduf Songs - This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Boduf Songs Album - Boduf Songs Release Date - 2005 Genre - Lo-fi, Post-rock, Experimental, Music-noir Tracklist 01 Puke a pitch black Rainbow to the Sun 02 Claimant Reclaimed 03 Our Canon of Transportation 04 This one is Cursed 05 Grains 06 Lost in the Forests 07 Ape thanks Lamb 08 Oh Celebrate your Vague Words and Coquettish Sovereignty 09 Vapor Steals the Glow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Boduf Songs - Boduf Songs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist - Boduf Songs Album - The Strait Gait Release Date - 2008 Genre - Indie, Lo-fi, Slowcore Tracklist A Please Extract My Teeth With Your Rustiest Pliers B That Angel Was Fucking Piss' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Boduf Songs - The Strait Gait ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Calla | Her Name Is Calla | Maybeshewill | Défilé des Âmes | Fly Pan Am ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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