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2012-07-23 05:05:11 UTC

Four years after Their first album "De los valles y volcanes" which was released in Argentina and Europe, Towards Two Summers With Their self titled return sophomore album. This new album Follows the steps of "In the valleys ..." although the autumnal moods of the Patagonian mountains Have Been Replaced now by the sunny mornings of summertime in the city.

The Byrds classic "Draft Morning", with Alasdair of the British band The Clientele as a guest on vocals, and a tribute to the dark shoegaze-American band now defunct, Brittle Stars "Instrumental # 1" are the two covers of disk. The video for "I had it", by Dr Mariano Baez AKA Chance [ collaborator of the band since its inception ] is also on on [ YouTube ]

Released 19 July 2010 Contact: haciadosveranos@gmail.com

[ Hacia Dos Veranos ]

Ignacio Aguilo Diego Martinez Julia Bayse Diego Acosta Andrew Edesltein

Guest musician: Alasdair MacLean ( guitar no. 2, no voice. 6 )

Recorded and mixed by Diego Martinez, assisted by Diego Acosta, Nomiresahora ( www.nomiresahora.com.ar ) and Velocet Moloko Produced by Diego Martinez. Visual: Mariano Baez Cover photo: Lupe Jelena ( www.lupejelena.com.ar ) Buenos Aires, 2008/2009.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You might want to GET BOTH TITLES... A strange mix of post-rock, psychedelic and shoegaze which definitely works for me. Start with the [ Self Title ] followed by the 2007 release [ De los valles y volcanes ] but DO GET BOTH releases.

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Artist - Hacia Dos Veranos Album - Hacia Dos Veranos Release Date - 2010 Genre - Psychedelic, Post-rock, Shoegaze, Instrumental [ VERY NICE ] Tracklist 01. I had 2:20 02. Take care of your scarf, Tatiana 4:20 03. A Pen 6:00 04. Vertigo 3:12 05. My nights Goonies 3:35 06. Draft Morning 3:12 07. The field of kites 1:44 08. Chest pain 2:00 09. Instrumental # 1 2:09 10. Music on the Wine Route 6:52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Two Summers - By Two Summers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Hacia Dos Veranos Album - De los valles y volcanes Release Date - 2010 Genre - Psychedelic, Post-rock, Shoegaze, Instrumental [ VERY NICE ] Tracklist 1. 24:00 04:19 2. Preludio 05:12 3. Sueño 06:00 4. La última tarde del apicultor 04:16 5. Maleficio 06:16 6. Orillas del Aluminé 02:35 7. Despertar 01:56 8. De los valles y volcanes 09:33 9. Verano 03:32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hacia Dos Veranos - De los valles y volcanes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Logh | Bang Gang | Dark Star | Spangle Call Lilli Line | The Sundays -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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